Friends and The Intimate Encounter Romance

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    I found that catagory odd too. I'm not into casual sex myself. I have to feel something for the person I am with. However, if I found that "right" person, I would consider relations prior to, uhmmmmmm, say marriage, as I have learned the hard way that while sex is not the most important part of a relationship, it does have an important role. Compatability in that department is a definate plus!!! *blush*
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    Very good topic Marvel... First you should ask yourself what is the definition of chemestry for some people. I for one am looking to meet some nice men to date, have a friendship with. If there is "chemestry" between us then possibly the benefits that JC talks about.. and then of course if we are totally compatible then a longer term relationship. Doesnt neccisarily have to be marriage or other living arrangements. What I dont want is someone who thinks that all I want is a roll in the Hay. Some of us women like to be wined and dines and be taken out in public. Of course while posting this message, I dont think and hope that I did not put that particular wording in my profile.. But to be honest, for me its all about trust, companionship, being able to feel comfortable with the person and yes my version of chemestry before I would go the "next step". In todays day and age, you would think more people would be more careful about those "intimate encounters" however I have gotten emails from men who want to be intimate first then friends later... Sorry but in my book it doesnt work that way..

    Again.. One womans opinion.
    and again a wonderful topic you have started.. I hope this helped.
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    Yo Marvel, maybe we should suggest they change it to a "freinds with benefits" catagory. LOL!!! Serously I too have wondered the same thing when I saw that. Cheers !!!

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