The spirit of Christmas Romance

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    Hi everyone, I wanted to bring a bit of the spirit of christmas to this forum. Although most of us are lonely at this time of year, we should realize that we are not lonely in this world. So in keeping with this thought I wanted to start something... Lets see how far this can go around the US and beyond. When responding to this forum put what state you live in. City if you feel so bold.. What is your favorite christmas story or your favorite christmas song... Then sit back with a glass of eggnog or apple cider and read, viualize, sing a tune and smile and know that someone out there does love you for who you are... I want to wish you all a very happy holiday season.. Im glad to have met some wonderful people on this site...

    Okay, I will start... Im in Miami, Florida... My favorite christmas memory was when I was a child and we were coming home from midnight mass when my mother looked up in the sky and said look there goes santa.. I honestly saw a sleigh and reindeer over the moon.. or was it my imagination... My favorite christmas carol is Winter wonderland.... I look forward to sitting here and reading all the responses.. Big hugs to you all and please keep a smile on your faces... You are all such beautiful people.. bye for now
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    What a fabulous idea!!

    My favorite part of Christmas is observing my nephew. He's been so excited writing his letter to Santa, decorating his Christmas tree, helping his mom and I bake Christmas cookies, watching the Christmas specials on tv. It's almost like re-living the holidays over again, through his eyes...where everything is fun and nothing bad ever happens. The innocence of youth is a wonderful thing.

    Happy holidays to all from Laura in Baltimore, Maryland, USA!
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    Hi, My favorite Christmas carol is "Sleigh Ride" and the Chipmunks Christmas Album from my youth.My favorite part of Christmas is decorating the tree,first as a kid ,with my daughter when she was little,and now with my 4 year old son.Happy holidays everyone!!
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    what a great idea..this is sassydew from colorado..happy holidays to all..i am new..the pic will be on soon..i love the fave christmas memory was when my grandfather was still alive..are family is very close and every year he would make his famous home made ice cream..i know sounds a bit chilly..but that was his thing..and grandma would make her chocolate syrup..we would all gather round the tree singing carols and eating this delicous treat..the holidays are a time to share with family and friends..i am looking forward to sharing with some new friends on this fave christmas song is i will be home for christmas..happy holidays all..and a great idea..
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