Looking for supersized women between 300 and 600 pounds Romance

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    dream1 write:
    Hi Scootnj.
    it's amusing and commendable at how you boost people's moral but do you ever meet them?
    Take Care :)

    Yes, I have met a few in person. Made great friends etc. ;)

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    Hi Scootnj.
    it's amusing and commendable at how you boost people's moral but do you ever meet them?
    Take Care :)
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    Each first Staurday of the month in Charlotte,NC there is Big N' Sexy Saturdays..We have parties for BBW's , BHM's and their admirers. The next one is this Sat. ( 6-4-05) I will email you because I think for some reason this site doesn't want you posting info with any type of address in it ??? Go Figure..I am trying to spread the word so that people will have a decent place to socialize, I know how it is sometimes. Hope to see you there....If you need more info , send me an email !
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    Hi I'm 28 year old from eastern NC. Its hard to find guys in my area that like ssbbws. I'm 5'9 320 pounds and I'm trying to find Mr.Right! This site is wonderful btw...its hard to find a large group of people that embraces bbws and ssbbws!
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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for reminding me that size doesn't matter. I'm a SSBBW and even though I've always been a big gurl, it didn't bother me until lately. It's what's inside the person(the mind, heart, and soul) that really matters. Even though I'm tired of the rejections I've been getting lately, I don't intend to give up.
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    If there are any Florida fellas peeking in here and don't mind this "in between" gal - - holla!

    Tenngal - I'm gonna hit you up for info on becoming a bbw lingerie model...sounds like it's up my alley.
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    Thank you bluevol.tis funny that that is you nick because my favorite color is blue and being from Tenn it is the land of the Vols.. At any rate I would love to chat with you and thank you personaly for the compliments. I look forward to hearing from you...
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    Of Course it can Saturdayschild ... just look at all the spunky guys on this site alone !! and so many more out there to be found ... u could also try c-hat rooms, ya-hoo ones are great to find BBW and SSBBW lovers as well .... thats where I found my guy, just so happens most of the ch-at rooms are full of mostly USA peeps, and this particular night my guy was in there and he lived all of 20 mins away from me ;) so dont give up hope... it can happen...

    Welcome kitten1980, hope u have a great time and a lot of fun on here .... :)

    And native ... U look like you could chase 30 calfs a day !! ;) I dont think I could chase a turtle let alone a calf !!
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    This is an address book??? right
    dagderg by name AT a hot address
    Im a male married & looking in Adelaide Australia........where are the other AUSSIES???
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    Hi Everyone,

    I an old to the site, but new to actually getting involved in discussions, etc. I just added my photo last night. I am a SSBBW, and I have to say that my experiences with men so far have been disappointing. For one, I became too large. For another I was perfect, but he couldn't be faithful. All others have been players or looking for a mommy. I am pretty self sufficent and tend to attract those who are not. I think for a while I just gave up. It was actually good for me to spend some time on myself. But now I am having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. I am not interested in the bar scene, etc. I really would like to find someone who will like me for me and make me feel special. Can it really happen?
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    Size does NOT make the person! I am new to this site and appreciate reading the thoughts of all. Many times it is easier to write from the heart than to speak it. I have helped a neighbor chase down three escapee calfs today and on my profile put down I am average in body? Me thinks I need to start working out or something!**LOL**
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    tennwildgal, u certainly do know how to look sexy, and u most certainly have an intelligent mind. i can see that in the way that u wrote your profile, looking for a good conversation first. i've been told that i can carry on a pretty good conversation, and would like to chat with u sometime...
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    Hey everybody!! I'm new to this forum, but just wanted to say hello :)
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    New to your board. This is way too cool !! At 322 lbs, someone finds us attractive, wow o wow !! I know how you girls feel, it is good for one's soul ...

    GW, you are just too hunky, if you don't mind me saying. Saratoga - any where close to Ontario ?

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    I'm new to this site and I'm liking it so far! I hope to find Mr Right soon but I'd settle for Mr Right Now lol :)
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    Hi Rockchick & jjiggl, I love your positive attitudes.
    This time last year I felt fat & miserable and now I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life, and I'm the same weight now as I was then.
    It's all about attitude. People will see what you want them to see.... If you've got it, flaunt it. Wearing a tent & moping about the house with no make-up etc, will just make you more miserable. We've got to get out there, hold our heads high & stick our chests out & if anyone has a problem with the way we look, then it really is THEIR problem, not ours.
    Girl power!!! lol
    (Although it helps having all these wonderful men who know a REAL woman when they see one, thanks guys xx)
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    So I just stepped on my brothers scale (i'm visiting him in ny) and the thing doesnt go any higher than 130. A scale made for thin people?!?!

    Anyway, I'm assuming i'm about 240 and i'm only 5'4.

    I never thought In my life i'd be told I wasn't big enough- this site sure is an ego booster! And to prove that- i've never told my weight to anyone! ;o)
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    Oh and alphawoman ... there are some nice aussie blokes on here... a lot of them interstate tho !! I am sure u will find someone sooner or later, dont give up ... I think too cause the population in America and the UK is a lot higher then Australia we seem to think the ratio is greater , but when we figure it out, would be the same but on a smaller scale ... I say bring all the BBW loving americans here.... we could do with those se-xy accents too !! lol
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    jiggll thanks so much for your kind words ... they are much appreciated :). Friends have said to me that maybe the stares come because I do carry myself well , wear makeup, do my hair and yes do accentuate "the girls" lol ... however I spose with more negatives then positives it kinda makes u a little paranoid in thinking its all negative ... my own BS i know ... but I do hide my insecurity of my weight well ... not many would pick it up ;)

    Its been funny in the past with one particular boyfriend I had.... he came to pick me up from the train station one evening and he had a friend with him .... and i hadnt met this guy before ... and anyway after the meeting and a chat etc, he seemed a nice guy, my bf at the time then confessed to me a few days later that when he picked me up at the station and his mate saw me from a distance, not knowing who it was said " get a load at the size of that girl" my b/f then said "man, shut-up thats my gf, dont judge a book by its cover, shes one of the most awesome girls you could ever know" .... SURE enuff ... months down the track, he ended up having a crush on me and when my then b/f and I split he said to me "you are too good for him anyway!!" .... so goes to show that at least at that time, the experience for him was not to judge a book by its cover ... and so many peeps do it !! and yes to an extent I am very confident for the person I am moreso, so I think thats what exudes if anything ... :)

    I feel for the poor down trodden larger folk who dont have the gusto to say "you know what, even tho I am big I am going to put an effort into looking good and feeling good" I think for some they see it as a lost cause ... but all those lovers of SSBBW and BBW and BHMs are out there .... hugs and kisses to you all !!

    PS how stoopid is this editing thingy... I chouldnt even use the word ch-ick !! i mean i could have been refering to a baby chicken!!
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