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    Greetings... My Handle is Interceptor , I live Down Under in Oz... State of Victoria to be exact...!

    Some of My interests include Ghost Hunting (Yes... You heard it correctly) , I've been interested in the Paranormal for well over 30+ Years now mainly due to an experience I once had as a 10 Year Old Child , But it's only been in the past 10 Years or so I've been able to purchase the various equipment to be able to investigate various Claims first hand.

    But... My other interest includes photography in general , And of course a lovely and sensual topic of Women... But in my case BBW , I've found that I relate more to the Larger size Lady as Sensual/Sexy/etc. , I suppose MOST Guys find the Skinny size 10's Sexy...? , For I can't seem to get excited over these shapes for some reason...And they are usually the ones that approach Me... Aagghh!!!

    Anyway... If Any of the BBW Ladies in My general area are interested in having a free port folio done... I'd be more than happy to make one up...(So long as I can keep a copy for My own private collection...Wink!)

    Cheers from a Newbie to this Site...!
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    Quoting TexasPear:

    My guess is that it is not only the thin women who like you; it's just that they are the only ones that feel self-confident enough to let you know it! I used to (many years ago now!) be a size 10 and now that I have doubled in size for some decades now I find that I am not at all likely to flirt with men, because the only thing worse than being rejected is being rejected for my larger size (or my older age).
    Oh, an  just curious: have you taken any photos of any ghosts?!

    Greetings... :)
    Yes... (ie): Sadly... The Media places too much emphasis on a So~Called (Ideal) Shape for People...(Men & Women) , Trying to Fit Us all into the One Mold...? (It doesn't Work...!)
    What the Media should start to Push... Is Our (Individuality) Instead... (What Makes Us... How We are etc.)
    Now... Far enough... I CAN see it from Some Doctors point of View (ie): Medical Reasons Why some People shouldn't have too much Weight due to Heart problems etc. , But... Hell... I seen these So~Called FIT...? , Sports types fall dead after having a Jog around the Block...?
    I say... Enjoy Your Size...(No mater what that might be...:) , And in My Case... I Love and Enjoy a Woman with a Larger Sensual Figure... Bowls Me Over each and every time...!!!
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    Quoting maturebbw4u:

    As a matuer bbw I've always loved to get photographed....

    And I can see why...!!! Mmmmm...!!!
    I can see why it was so popular to Paint the More developed Figured Ladies of time gone past...!!!
    Fully Figured Women seem so much more Sensual to Me...!!! , Place them in a half decent Pose... And They'll turn just about any Man's head I should imagine...!!!
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