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    I often feel that I am got in the "in betweens" -- too big for the guys who like thin women and too small for the guys who like big women.
    I'm not really big-breasted (just a B cup), but pear-shaped with a big bottom and big legs. I'm just curious how many of you would be interested in someone my size? I've been "rejected" by more than a couple of men who just couldn't be attracted to me -- unless I gained -- or lost -- at least 50 lbs.  Funny, but true!!
    I'm in Austin, Texas. Relocation would be possible but not easy (especially with my budget), although I would love to live in a place less city-fied, maybe grow a garden, and swim in a natural spring or lake nearby. Wow. Well, that's one of my dreams anyhow!
    I am especially attracted to men who are lean or skinny, but there are always exceptions. Personality, character and soul are the most important things.
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    Personally I think those guys who want you to gain or lose 50 LBS are weirdos, but thats just my opinion. I am attracted to ladies of all sizes but I do prefer ladies with some meat on there bones, and pear shaped women are my favorite of those. I guess you could describe me as a Butt/Leg man, now I have also dated the opposite ( large Breasted) a long time ago and that was fine too, but again I prefer large bottom ladies. I hope this helps.

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