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What is it with this site?
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Posted on Wed, Sep 22, 2010 07:17

Second time using this site...same results as last....NOTHING. No replies to emails, only one contact and then no more if i do heppen to get a wink. What is the deal? Why do people get on here if they are not interested in meeting and keeping in touch and pursuing something....grrr.....just venting. I feel like i wasted my money here and i wont be back after my membership expires. Anyone know of a better site for BBW that actually has some action?

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Posted on Sat, Sep 25, 2010 11:52

I think the main problem is that there is a great big selection of different sites out there, and like yourself, people quite rightly get frustrated easily with how these sites work.

For me, its just a site that I can relax in and have a chat with folks that may or may not be interested in me in one way or another.

The main base of this site is US driven, so for me that is a bit of a hindrance as am in the UK, Scotland to be a little more precise.

And then we have the issues that some men have when they join sites like this. Please note SOME. They are a minority, or at least I still hope they are a minority, but they are VERY OUTSPOKEN and make no bones about what they want. Not very good companions at all.

And then there are the gents of the site, and I have seen a few of them over the 4 odd years I have been coming back and fore, some still post up quite often, others have either moved on or just not been online here for some time, and YES !!! there have been a few that found someone.

Now as for that last part of your OP (original post) there will be other sites like this, but what kind of action are you looking for or is it mainly just more activity.

Me personally, I did subscribe here once, but that was only once and I havn't bothered since as it wasn't what I did expect.

Other places I have known to use, well we are not allowed to mention them here, which is quite restricted for a so called "Adult based Space" and am sure that this would not be "OK with Cupid" either, and this could also account for the inactivity on here as well.

Well my small counter rant is done, as I have a fresh mug of coffee aside me. All I will say is it is a shame that I am not state side, as there are many persons that I may have pursued a friendship with over the time I have been here.

Don't be disheartened, am sure that out there someplace is someone who is just right for you. They just need to be brave enough and lucky enough to find you.

Peace an Hugz.

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