Shouldn't we just pray? Religion

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    If you really think about our religions with an open, exploring mind... you will find that it makes no sense what so ever.
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    Why don't we just ask God to stop sending us disasters, wars, sick people, cancer, misquitos? He could do that if he is all powerful. He could also build us without any flaws. Isn't it a sick God that intentionally makes us flawed so he can watch the train wrecks?
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    An interesting concept.....

    As a Christian, has the God you worship not empowered you to live your own life rather than sit back and wait for him to run it for you?

    Will he find you a job? Pay your bills?

    Are failed relationships all his fault and successful ones solely down to him?

    Is it not just too easy to sit back and assume that everything is God's will?

    I'm not a religious person, but I wonder how some people would have got through some real hardship in their lives without a huge amount of effort from themselves, whether or not they had a committed faith to draw strength from?
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