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    The Woman I'd call Forever

    She'd be incredible; very easy to love,
    She'd be beautiful; with tropical colored eyes.
    She'd be irresistible; making love would be our past time,
    She'd be comfortable; someone to lay down with and cry.
    She'd be understanding; giving me her shoulder and ear,
    She'd be compromising; not judging what she hears.
    She'd be protecting; when my heart looses strength,
    She'd be loving; if I'm not up to full length.

    She'll love me when I call in the middle of the day,
    She'll love me when I call but had nothing to say.
    She'll love me when we disagree about who's on top,
    She'll love me when I'm drinking her and I just won?t stop.
    She'll love me when working late destroys what we planned,
    She'll love me when the x-rated store says we're both banned.
    She'll love me when something specific, important; I forgot;
    She'll love me when Sundays she rests and I burn the pots.

    She'll hug me when things aren't going our way,
    She'll hug me when, mother-in-laws for a week, want to stay.
    She'll hug me when we both reach for something to achieve,
    She'll hug me when I want everyone to get out...leave!
    She'll hug me when we argue over this ~ over that,
    She'll hug me when she sees my belly getting a little fat.
    She'll hug me when I forget to say ?I love you,"
    She hugs me when she forgets to say it too.
    She'll hug me when I feel I can?t do right...provide,
    I'll hug her when she tells me there's something inside.

    I will never leave because she is who I adore,
    She will never leave because it the commitment we both look for.
    We won?t quit because it?s us we see together,
    We won?t quit because for better, for worse...
    ...We are forever...
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    Well what can a gal say? Your poem moved me. I can only hope to find someone to love like that.

    Thank you for sharing, it was truly wonderful!
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 04, 2008 at 05:28 AM

    *raises fist up in the air*


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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 17, 2008 at 01:29 PM

    That is a wonderful piece of poetry. I loved it. It made me cry though as I have not experienced that type of love and affection fromany man in my life......but here is hoping that one day i will find someone just as warm and kind and loving as you seem to be

    Mandie xxxx

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