Congrats Kewanap and Lonesome Dove !! Romance Forward to friends

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    Hey gals , I am no longer a paid member and came on here to have a looksee to see whats going on and I couldnt BELIEVE it that I saw for one KEW married !! and Lonsesome in a relationship !! I wanted to express my congrats to you two, am so glad u have found happiness, especially you Kew cause U have already made it down the isle ;) and so quickly !! Lonesome theres still time for you yet ;) I hope its all going well for you ....

    I am doing good myself ... My Mr NYC is still here, been here since Sept and going back in March ... so far so good ... here is a pic of us on New Years eve .... and By the way, happy new year to you both too :)

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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 03, 2007 at 02:57 PM

    Rockchickbbw!!!! It is so good to see you... I love that pic of you and your sweetie... he is very handsome! Hubba-Hubba!

    Thank you for the congratulations! We are so very happy! I never knew love could feel this wonderful. I have found what I always longed for... unconditional love and true happiness! I wish the best for you and your sweetie for 2007! Keep us posted on how you are doing!
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