Advice... for the termanally single gal with Just Chat

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    Here's my advice -

    I do want to first let you know that I completely understand your situation. When I was 17 I met a guy that I was completely infatuated with. He lived 5 hours away. Because of this, I completely shunned any chance I had of a local relationship because I knew that I had him. Well, obviously, things didn't work because I'm now 21, and we broke up about four weeks ago. Now, we weren't even officially going out until July 15th of this year. I waited for him for 4 years. In this time, I didn't even give any local guys a chance. As soon as I was either set up or asked out, I immediately said no. I would, based on personal experience, give the local guy a could even just have it set up as a platonic date (pay for yourselves, something like that) just so that you can get a feel for him and see if there's a spark. That's what I would do...but then again I'm bitter against long distance relationships because of what I did to myself
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