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    Don't get discouraged by the trash that's out there, there are great people out there that want nothing but the "real thing", its just a matter of making the right connection!

    I have my own success story, I did it and would love to share with you!

    Hi my name is Elle, I am a Certified Empowerment Coach that specializes in Dating & Relationships.

    Could you use some help finding your perfect match? I found true love right here on LargeFriends and so can you!

    On-line dating does work; it takes time, determination and persistence. It's truly the perfect forum to meet who you desire, yet, you have to be determined to remain consistent in your search and not detour from your desires just to have companionship.

    There are many factors to the success of meeting the right one for you, yet, choosing wisely, is the most critical factor. The site you choose, the text in your profile, your responses, who and when you agree to meet, etc, are all essential to finding the perfect match for you.

    As a Dating Coach, I can work with you on a personal level to design a specific plan of action that would clearly communicate exactly who you want to share your life with and ultimately, lead you to your perfect match.

    I look forward to hearing from you. In the meanwhile, have a great day!


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    i would be very interested in talking more with you about this subject.
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