Help! Can a women be too forward? DATING

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    So here is the deal, I went to my high school 10 year and I met a guy from high school. We didnt really know each other in school but we apparently had alot of the same friends so we ended up being around each other all night. We didnt really talk all that much but I really thought he was attractive and wanted to talk to him, but ended up not have a chance to. So I emailed him today to ask a question I wanted to ask him but didnt get the chance to. Does this seem to forward? I dont want to scare him off as a friend or anything else. I feel really weird about it and had to force myself to do it.. any suggestions/comments etc??

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    LOL...I'm still laughing at Trevor's comment! It's pretty true though. Most men really love when a woman takes the initiative.(Although I find I am more old fashioned than I thought I was in that area. I DO like when a man makes the first move/contact) Emailing this guy isn't forward at all. It just lets him know that he made an impression. Now you've put the ball in his court. He'll either reply or not, but ya know what? You'll never regret not having the guts to contact him now will you? Good for you girl!
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    Naaaahhh, go for it girl!
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    I don't think it's too forward as long as you left the conversation as "well let's keep in touch" or something along that line. He gave you his email address, so that is something anyways. Now the ball is in his court so to speak, so I guess you will find out if he thinks it's weird or not. If he responds back, then you have made a new friend. What do you have to lose?
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