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    Hi all, I am new to this site. I am a heavy female involved in a long distance relationship. We talk, text, and email all of the time. I have told him I am heavy but I'm not sure he really believes me (even tho he claims to be too).
    The last time I dated I was not heavy and this is new to me, I am finding I have a ton of insecurities with this, which is something I am not used to.
    I hate to sound shallow but is it realistic to think that he will care for me after he sees me for the first time?
    We got to know each other from him working for me, (but we have still not seen each other) he is such a wonderful person and I care alot for him. We want to meet each other in person but i am very scared.
    Any input or advise on this would be greatly appreciated..
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    Send him a current pic of yourself and see how he reacts. And if he retorts with some sort of negative remark, remind him that you have told him MANY times that you're a big girl and he accepted it then, so why not now? You shouldn't be the one feeling shallow, he should.
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