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    I'm a little drunk but this subject has me particularly peeved today so please bear with me, if you will. Why do car manufacturers seem to have the vehicles designed to fall completely apart around the time you pay them off? I have three payments left on my car and I was already to do the happy dance until the transmission fell apart today. I'm told its going to cost between $1700 and $2,600 american dollars to fix. Never mind the $700 dollars I spent on it last month. So what do I do? Continue to pour money down a pit or go out and buy a new one? What a wonderful choice for the manufacturers. Another 5 years in my pocket. This has to be good for business. I'm just letting off a little steam, don't mind me.
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    Oh, I shoulda said that I've never had to replace anythin' at all 'cept those parts I figured it was TIME to replace. I refer to the dealership's garage as the "day spa" for my sweet ride. Last time I took it in and asked for some hoses, the fellas in the shop said "the dates on these things can't be real!". 1990! hahaha.. I'm guessin' some of those guys were still in short pants when I bought my car. I love my car! love love love! It's old, it's not all sparkly and bubblin' over with that new car smell.. it has a ding or two'n a few scratches.. (kinda like me) and well - it has no air bags. But it's dependable - and that's the most important thing in my world. I don't like bein' stranded on the highway or havin' my engine go up in flames in an intersection during rush hour. BTDT! ---- I'm so sorry you're havin' trouble with your car, it is NO laughin matter, really ---- is it covered under one of those really marvelous warranties they give these days? If not, write to the company directly. Start a campaign to get them to stand behind their product. Lots and lots of letters. Emails too. Be a pain. Contact your local consumer advocate ... squeaky wheels get the lube!
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    I've had my car paid off for 13.5 years. But then.. uhm.. well.. It's foreign made. But then, most folks don't want 16 year old cars - my dad used to get a new car every other year. The manufacturers can do it because the buying public.. well, they still buy, don't they? Planned obsolescence and conspicuous consumption - it's the American Way!
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    You wanna know why?

    'Cause in reality you are not a person. You are simply a COSUMER. Basically a dallor sign. I used to work for BMW as a "A" Tech so believe me when I say I've seen "COSUMERS" spend serious cash on some of the most simple things.

    Me? I don't have that problem. I keep my car top notch ;)
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