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    So I joined this site maybe a month ago and have just upgraded. Here is the problem though, I really do want to start dating but part of me, the big part, cant get past the talking part. I was talking to a couple nice guys and I just let it fall apart. I really want start dating but I keep coming up with reasons not to get to know them better or date them.I have come to realize that I am sometimes am good at making the first move but I suck at anything after that.
    I am trying to change but I am finding it harder to get past this.

    Any suggestions/comments/ideas on how to start changing??

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  • View author's info Posted on May 28, 2006 at 06:36 PM

    Thanks so much for your advice! I will totally take it!
    Oddly just posting about it has made it seem better, more really something I can do..

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    Yes, I know the feeling! It keeps happening to me, as well. I've only been on dates with 5 different people off of sites in nearly 2 years...but one after the other, they all fell apart. Now I find it hard to get to the point of going out again! Am talking to one guy, but there are a couple of things about him that are sending off some alarm bells...so although he is really keen to meet up, I'm just not sure about it. Not really my type. But, if my whole massive experience of 2 years of online dating (haha) has taught me anything...Make a list. A wish list. Write down all the things that are important to you. Then cross of the ones that really wouldn't matter THAT much if he didn't have it. Take your most basic wants and desires, and don't give up until the most basic ones are met! Here's mine:

    1. Must like kids/want kids
    2. Must have a job
    3. Must be independent (not looking for a mum, ie, can do some things on his own!)
    4. Must be mutual attraction
    5. Must live on the same continent as me, and hopefully the same country!

    Hope this helps you at all! Good luck, you're beautiful, and I'm sure you'll have loads of men lining up!
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