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    Rockchickbbw write:
    I think men think its a kind of compliment to let you know you are thought of in that way .... some women may dig it ... some may not ... but its also probably an opening line for ... Can I splatter it all over you for real now ...???

    But if I've only been chatting with a guy online in a friendly, non-sexual manner for a period of weeks or months, I really don't want to hear about his masturbatory practices OR have him tell me that he wants to ejaculate all over me. Unless I've specifically invited that kind of commentary, it is offensive and potentially grounds for a sexual harrassment complaint. It's an unwanted advance, unless specifically solicited.
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    Because they have no tact or class!!! Its one thing if ur in a longterm relationship or if ur into that kind of state of arousal urself & openly discuss it. I find though thats rarely the case at all... And far as it being a form of a compliment PLEASE BY ALL MEANS send me a wink LOL

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