Flirting in odd places... DATING

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    The airport...the policeman that was directing traffic outside of baggage claim stopped a huge line of cars for me..and when I said TY, he said how about thanking me by letting me buy you dinner! hehe...
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    There was a young lady who flirted with me during dinner after my Dads funeral! (I can't believe I'm writng this) The real shame is I responded.
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    I was working in a Doctor's office and this guy was coming in because his blood pressure was high. anyways to make a long story short, i go to take his tempurature by mouth, and he refuses. I looked at him kind of funny, because he was a young guy and had no evidence of dementia. so when i told him if you don't let me take your tempurature orally i'll have to take it rectally. he actually turned his butt to me and begged me to take it rectally, stating something along the lines of "i like it rough like that". I was like uh......i'll go get the doctor to do that! (doctor was male). can someone explain to me the general public's facination with nurses?
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    My mom and step dad met at the post office, and I have friends who met donating blood.

    Weirdest place I've had somebody hit on me is a trade show booth. He pretended to be interested in our product, and then when I pointed out a feature, he turned it into a dirty comment and a very sorry excuse for a pick-up line. He refused to leave unless I agreed to meet him later, which of course I never did. Can you say SECURITY PLEASE??!!
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