Truly Is Anyone As Lonely As I Am? Lonely Hearts Post Ur Thoughts Here...

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    hang in there..i get it..
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    I'm lonely, too. The worst part is not having any platonic friends to do things with. That seriously hurts. I get tired of staying at home weekend nights. I see so many couples and it makes me wonder what's wrong with me, and what I'm doing wrong. The thing that puzzles me is that the only places to learn social skills seem to be online. How can that work? Maybe I'm just too skeptical about that kind of thing..All I know is something needs to change, this is just not good to be without friends or a social life of some kind..Any reasonable suggestions/ideas appreciated..
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    May I interject a little grammer lesson here? "Your" refers to something that is YOURS... it is possissive. "You are"- or "you're" means that you are going to do something ... i.e. "You are going to go to town." or "You're going to town." "Your dog is very beautiful." Please... try to write sentences that make sense.
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    Someone here said you can be in a whole room full of people and still be lonely. Well... I am married... and am very lonely. My wife won't do anything with me. She plays bridge and computer games ALL day. We don't touch except maybe by accident occasionally. She has not wanted intimacy for well over a dozen years. Don't tell me to move on. I cannot for may complex reasons. However, I would love to find a nice large woman who can accept me as a devoted friend and to share some hours of intimacy with her occasionally. I would want us to both know that someone, somewhere wants us. This would not be a perfect situation... but then life is seldom perfect. I feel it would be better to have such a friendship than never to hold a woman in my arms again... which is my situation now. I believe there is something to be said for having an affair.
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    Lonely? I am thinking about changing my middle name to lonely. I am 31 years old and have been single for 10 years. I have one friend who lives over a 3 hour flight from me. So really I never get to see her. I am not into the 1 night stand thing, not that it matters because I have not been hit on in 5 years. I have been talking to a guy for months now on the internet and we dicided to meet yesterday. Only he showed up with 4 friends, he stood 2 people behind me in the line up at the coffee shop. I heard him laughing with his friends saying she will not even know it is me because she has only ever seen a crappy picture of me, what a joke. This was the first time I ever met anyone offline and never will again. I really dont know how much more of this lonelyness I can take it.
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    Quoting LonesomeDove:

    Well?? I know others have to be. Seems like I try and try and try to no avail. What's up? I give up! You try to make a move and you chat with someone that seems to be in the same boat and then.............NOTHING! Gets very old and I think I'm done with it.

    I'm pretty damn lonely:(. I keep trying to find someone but I can never seem to find a guy who doesn't end up being a jerk. All I have ever wanted was to be loved:( Is that too much to ask?

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    im new but read your answer and coment honey, and your very handsome and what i think is that you chat with gals but smile look handsome in your picture, but alittle mean looking too babe.SMILE BIG......
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    Quoting LonesomeDove:

    Well?? I know others have to be. Seems like I try and try and try to no avail. What's up? I give up! You try to make a move and you chat with someone that seems to be in the same boat and then.............NOTHING! Gets very old and I think I'm done with it.

    oh..dont give up,never give up
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    You can be surrounded by a sea of people, yet still strangly feel all alone
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    Quoting Shibz_2311:

    I'm lonely, it feels like nobody loves me. I feel this way because the last guy I was with broke me heart. he didn't love. I am lonely and it doesnt get better cause I hear others who have someone special, but not me.

    Well, do you love yourself? I mean truly love and accept yourself? Every curve, every imperfection, everything? I know that's pretty hard to do, cuz even I have problems there... but it's only when your outlook on life is in the positive direction that things begin going your way. Try and focus on building a life that YOU love and loving yourself.

    SMILE more, too! I checked out your pictures and you're kinda cracking a smile. Where's that big attractive grin? That's incredibly attractive! At least in my experience... everybody likes a smile!

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  • View author's info posted on Feb 11, 2008 02:53

    yes, I'm lonely too, sweetsforyou. I wish you had a way of letting me know about the site where you get so much attention! That would sure be fun to try out!

    Lots of hugs and hope that you find your sweetie!
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    shame you live in the sates, honey. I could quite happily try to get to know you just on the words that you have written

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  • View author's info posted on Aug 21, 2007 14:50

    Yeah but I am up front and tell women thats what I want and I am looking for women that want only that. We are not all looking for life long commitments
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    Hey LonsomeDove. It is getting very old. You get sick of the samething. I wish if someone gets to the piont that if they are maybe not interested in me after all just tell me. No worries I am a big girl I can handle it. But I just wanted to say that you are not the only one. The biggest things is don't give up you will find your match out there somewhere. There is a person for everybody. What is meant to be will be. It is there loss.
  • View author's info posted on Jul 31, 2007 23:35

    Lonely?? Why else would i be here if i wasn't lonely.. I know how you feel, but believe me when I say that not all men are just out for a 'quickie' or a deceptive relationship.. there are genuine guys for are seeking a friend, be it next door or half a world away. I would be dissapointed in a woman if we were to meet at 5pm and be in bed together at 6pm, same day. relationships are not all about sex... they should begin with just a smile... get to know one another over a period of weeks or months, find out each others likes and dislikes, what makes you sad, what makes you happy. It's no good having very high expectations of your ideal partner, and not giving anyone who doesn't match your standards a chance to even say hello. everybody needs to start somewhere, and if the first hello doesn't do it, then maybe the 50th hello just might. Appearances can be deceptive, and your body size won't matter to the right person. I have only been coming to this site for a week or so, and have viewed about 25 or 30 profiles.. some of the ladies were big, some not so big, but I have seen some wonderfull smiles and read some beautiful thoughts in those smiling eyes... fight back, ladies.. keep smiling, keep looking.. who knows the next one might just be the one for you..

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  • View author's info posted on Jul 24, 2007 19:50

    I've been out here a LOOONNNNGGG time, and I too feel like I'm ready to quit. I was just reading the "Dating" topic about guys just wanting sex. . .i've bumped into that one too. I feel like being a big girl makes me some kind of "freaky" girl to some guys or a "fat fantasy". . .what about getting to know me for me? To quote an Outkast song "Big girls need love too!!" Just how long must we wait. Everyone says "one day your ship will come in" and I tell them "I think my ship was Titanic, and we know where that is!!" LOL Well, at least I can still laugh about it. . . .good luck ladies!!

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  • View author's info posted on Jul 20, 2007 16:16

    you beautiful women kill me your lonely cause you want to be here i am a black man who is not gay dont do drugs or sell them diease free and i work not in to games but still not good enough for you women either dont make enough money or to skinny. stop waiting on a fantasy man no one is perfect remember you have the power to take a so so man and build on it you both will grow. so lighting up
    you sexy beautiful women
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    yes, im lonley aswell my chicken! a horrible thing i know! i wounder how long it will last ???
  • View author's info posted on Jul 06, 2006 15:57

    I've only been in this group for a few days now, and I really signed up out of lonelyness and depression. I've been through 3 failed relationships already in life that I invested WAY too much of my heart in, and am desperately looking for someone else. I guess that makes me a glutton for punishment.

    I'm at the point now where I have started to blame myself for the failures, but am trying not too. It's an easy train of thought to jump on. I WANT to believe that there's someone out there for me, though. I GUESS that counts as "hope"?
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    I go back and forth between being alone and lonely. When I'm in my garden, or while reading a good book, or driving to work - I realize how uncomplicated my life is. I don't have to stop to fix dinner for someone else, the dust bunnies can continue to gather under the couch, I can finish the chapter - no problems.

    Then on the lonely days - I find it hard to believe that I would not be a wonderful addition to SOME man's life as an intimate friend. OK, I'm 58 and fat but I'm also smart, funny, caring, loyal...I have a lot of interests and would love to go fishing with or dancing with SOMEONE who would see me as special.

    I hate to think that body shape and size are everything but they sure seem to be. I see A LOT of couples (I work in an area of work where I see couples) and often one or the other is putting up with some significant difficulties to stay in the relationship. But if you are a size 3, you're high maintenance - but cute. A size 22+ woman is likely to be seen as a pain in the b*tt. Interesting for the short term MAYBE. And if you are an aging Boomer....

    I'm generally in the good enough zone for self worth but now think that seeing it differently is a mistake of logic.

    So when I'm lonely, I know that I'm contributing to that. And that feels pretty sad and bad. No one to blame but me, no one to tell me I'm OK the way I am (obviously I'm not). That's lonely with no side story.

    FAT men post seeking slim petite younger women. Presumably they catch some - at least some of the time.

    Sea Eyed Woman (many qualities in common with a marine mammal - love of water and shape, like to eat fish...)

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