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    I was out with a friend the other day and ordered an appetizer for a meal - which turned out to be bigger than most of their main courses though! - and They gave it my friend (guy) instead of me. We had to swap when the waiter left. I dont think this is a predjudice, just the predisposed idea that guys eat more. Well, they do and he ended up finishing it for me anyway. ;)
    Veni - I see where you're coming from and I still am flabbergasted that people would do that to anyone, ever. Chin up.
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    (digs my heals into the dirt and comes to a screeeeetching halt after being drug through this post)

    WOW !!!

    well heck, ya'll just com'on over ta my house and have yurself a martini-argarita-aquri-driver with a twist drinks wilst i throw sum doggies on the barbie and we can'll hve a good'le chuckle bout the eenglush langwigge.

    Ya all are darlin's and have MORE than posted a various number of awsome and wonderful posts... soooooooo...

    Either its that time of the month when all the women on LargeFriends are PMSing, or I need to share my perscription of Chill Pills, bought by my children from the Wonka Factory.
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    On the contrary VeniVici,
    If you read my post properly you'll see I am mocking the patronising lecturing you are doing of the English Language.

    Have a nice day.
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    .......and VV reckons she can't find the right words to complain about food portion size in the restaurants she frequents, frequently on a frequent or not so frequent basis.......??
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    I apologise if my reply embarrassed you but I can't see that stopping you from posting nor to replying to others in your usual self-assured and confident manner.

    In my opinion if the biggest 'lack of self-confidence' issue you have at the moment is the portion size at the restaurants you frequent, a problem no-one else appears to have encountered to date, then perhaps you should think yourself lucky and count your blessings.

    No offence was ever intended.
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    There is nothing more annoying than to be treated differently for being large, opposed to those who are thin. Whether if be a clothing store that a clerk says 'sorry, I doubt we have anything in your size', or a restaurant that cheats you on portions because they think you 'need less'.

    In a large number of cases, a fat persons stomach is no larger or smaller than a thin person. Taking the same amount of food to make us 'full'. Why would anyone assume that because we are larger that we would not want a regular portion?
    Its a stereotype that all fat people eat like pigs and really should cut down on their consumption.
    First of all, who are they to make that decision for us? Secondly, we are not all pigs!

    Veni, my suggestion to you would be to v e r y sweetly, at the time you place your order, to compliment the wait person in some way, then toss in a "oh, by the way, the last time I was in my dinner portions were significantly smaller than my dinner guest. If the entree of choice is nearly gone, could you please let me know as I would like to order something different."

    In this manner, you have befriended the wait person and put them on your side by the compliment. By saying the stock is low, you are taking any possible blame away from the staff, leaving them with no reason to feel vindictive in your request.

    Just my two and a half cents worth. *smile*
    Hope things get better for you!
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    I've never encountered something like that. Infact, when I'm back in the US (and sometimes even here) I'm flabbergasted at how large the portions are. Its rather scary. I HAVE seen the nasty or 'knowing' looks and I find that incredibly rude. While I lack the courage to say anything, if it did happen to me I might wish to say something like "Oy, mate, I'm twice as big, not half as hungry." and then request to see the manager. maybe.
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    I must admit I was confused by the original post......unsure whether it was serious or 'tongue in cheek'. Not because of the treatment you say you have received, but that someone who is so quick with snappy or humorous retorts on other posts would struggle in 'real life'. You come across on the boards and in your profile as a very confident self-assured lady who would not take cr*p from anyone.

    Your original post did not ask for snappy or humorous retorts, it started with the question "Has this ever happened to you?". Judging from the replies so far I think you can safely assume that it hasn't happened to either BiigBiird, Rockchick or me for that matter. Perhaps we have just been lucky so far.

    This is a worldwide site, each of us using a slightly different language to each other and this frequently leads to misinterpretation of anothers' sense of humour or emotion. The bottom line is....if you ask for advice you have to accept that you will receive it in many shapes and forms. However unintentional, some of your previous posts have upset others on the site and you are quick to jump to your own defense with your 'snappy or humorous retorts', surely you have to accept the same from others.

    For what it's worth I was saddened by your post. Whilst I appreciate that you find situations like this difficult to deal with due to a lack of self-confidence, compared to the genuine problems most people deal with on a day to day basis I found this topic extremely trivial.
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    Nope, have to say in all of my years going out to eat in restaurants has this happened to me.
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