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    Cathii write:
    what makes me *hurl* is pet names ... *fluffy bunny snookums pumpkin muffin * * (and that is just 1 name LOL)...gawwwd get me a bucket !!!!

    Amen man, for sure. I have a friend that calls me "Buttercup" and if she ever joins this site, I will so never here the end of this. I mean me a giant "buttercup" I want to run and hide at that thought.

    Then again like "cute" and these other pet names, if they come from someone endearing to us, someone we care about they can be accepted. Though if a stranger just says it, you get the UGH stalker, motiff going.

    Then even further though I think it is also a difference for the sexes. If a random woman called a guy baby, or cutie I do not see him minding, it is all in the person and the situation.
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    i actully don't mind it at all, since it doesn't happen too often, it's refreshing when i am called cute.

    of course i'd rather be called some other things, but cute is alot better than some things i have been called in the past....
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    Cute is good. Sexy is better and Beautiful.... well I am going to keep that to myself. I hate when I guy says your cool but I think we should just be friends. I have a enough male friends.
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    cute makes me think puppies, and kittens, and sea urchins. I'm ok with cute if I'm doing something (whoops, almost typed doing someONE) intentionally, or if I've dressed someway (someONE) that is supposed to convey that. But in everyday passing, I agree with Tigress. in general conversation it comes up if you're having a bad day and a guy goes well, "I think you're/she's cute..." which kind of tails off on the cop out of yeah you're not making me run from the hills but I can't really say no you're unattractive, either.

    woohoo cynicism!
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    CURVY - I feel ya on that one; at times, depending on "tone" - cute can seem condescending. But cute does not bother me at all.

    What I hate, h-a-t-e, HATE - - is.... but you have such a pretty face.... THAT really gets under my skin. It's like they're negating the rest of you. I think I am - - WE ALL are much more than a pretty face! And it's so patronizing. Like oh it's too bad because you have such a pretty face. Like the pretty face is wasted on me or something. AGGGGHHHHHH ! ! ! !
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