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    I have loved your post Theo... you have an opinion and you state it with conviction and in a well thought manner. I'm sorry you feel the way you do. The Internet is a harsh place and I think everyone would understand your leaving although this place would lack a certain splash of personality in the post/forum with you gone.
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    I am sorry that you have come to feel this way. You will be very much missed. I truly hope that life brings you all the best, as you deserve it.
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    AMMENDED 2100 HOURS, New York time:
    Should you leave permanently our loss is your razor wit, wonderful humor, your writing style and intellect. For me, from day one here, your posts leapt out as stellar. They still do. You are correct in that sometimes not our best sides are exposed after a 'broadside' and we get drawn in. As for your realization; one learns at every age, whether it plant, animal, mineral, math, medical or LIFE. Be aware though, we are oft times our own worst critic. As a published critic yourself, you know to take a step back and a 'breather' if you get bogged down in an article. Maybe just a 'breather' from here is in order.Best regards to you in your decision to stay or go. Of course, one hopes to see you at least return if not stay.
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    Theo. I am one that has asked you to post and say something funny or intellectual in the past. I hope if you still have my email that you write me. I have some things I would like to say that I do not want to share in this public forum. Thanks
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    I'm sorry you feel this way Theo..But unfortunately the Internet is full of people..That just want some one to make them feel better.. Kinda like you wanna feel better by posting this..I can't help but wonder if maybe you really were looking for more.. And when you were not finding it.. You ended up getting frustrated and a bit angry..All tho I do understand the feeling of always being there for every one else.. And never getting anything back..I use to feel used and defeated by this too..The secret is to completely not expect any thing back form people..Believe me it makes life allot easier to deal with both on line and off..Best of luck to you hope.. Ya find what ever it is your looking for..
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    yes, the internet is a double edged sword... it's amazing the effect that it can have on a person... it is hard not to take it all personally sometimes...
    i think that most of us have had the same feeling from time to time... theo you have been a friend and a rival to many here... it is what has made you so unique and interesting... you stand out from all the rest... i have missed your posts and will continue to miss them... i hope that at some point you will have a change of heart and come back...
    this forum won't be the same without you.... be happy my sweet friend...
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    Hey Theo, don't take it personally! Part of being a decent person sadly means there are some who will use you as a convenient crutch. A site like this just exaggerates it a bit .... or a lot!

    There are a lot of good people out there, a lot who may have a few issues they need to deal with, and hopefully for all of us just the odd one or two here and there that we may actually connect with in a fairly big way.

    I reckon you and Sharpy are in cahoots and are going to open up a rival site .... you have to cut me in on it now or I'll tell on ya, lol.

    Take care, and be happy,

    Jayne x
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    Theo I know EXACTLY what you mean .... I have been a performing ape many a time as well until I did a bit of "culling" of the people I suspected were using me in that respect, and it did a WORLD of good... and of course you have every right to moan as u put it ... hope it made u feel better after all
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 19, 2006 at 12:23 AM

    Do you feel better now? Now that you have gotten that all off your chest. Dancing ape? No offense but I couldnt help giggling at that mental picture. lol. I do hate to see you go though. Although I do admit you get a little....outspoken at times, I have enjoyed your fresh point of view and your intellect. And I also think that if people only talk to you when they want something from you, then they are missing a lot of good conversation. I wouldn't mind talking to you on different level.
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