Never say ________ on a first date...... DATING

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    Never ask a women to pay for her half on the first date. Oh yeah never say dang baby you got those child bearing hips........Oh and my favorite you got something on your lips and you say really and they say yeah me lol lame
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    you should never mention that you have a toe fetish
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    Any kind of joke that may revolve around dead babies (how many does it take to do such and such?) , gender (how do you tell a woman such and such) Race, or anything else that is somewhat controversial or potentially offensive. Shows a real lack of maturity, respect, and real wit, and is a real turn off!
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    Hmmmmm..... based on past experiences, below are just a few topics

    Criminal history and/or your parole officer, anything to do with the size, shape or other aspects of your manhood, your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend and how good she was (or still is!) in bed, bodily functions and how much you enjoy them, the phase in college where you "experimented" with your male roommate and or/ the thousands of dollars you have "borrowed" from your employer, whether your date swallows and is going to do so that evening, and so on.......

    First dates should be light and friendly. keep it fun, and not too serious. If your friends don't know something about you--is it something you should share with a date you just met?

    However, that being said....If you do have a MAJOR skeleton in the closet like 14 ex-wifes, wearing an ankle bracelet as a condition of your parole or wearing little hats and yelling salutes at intimate moments like mentioned above, it is better to reveal it sooner than later.

    If you truthfully want this potential relationship to succeed, be honest and fess up early. The road may be a little bumpier, but the journey will be smoother in the long run and you might just get headed down the path you were looking for.
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    "Oh I'm having a great time..By the way do you.. Know a good cream for such and such..It's been itching me all night"..LoL..And then you gota love the ones who.. Become overly clingy and say stuff like.. We can do this or that on the next date..With out even asking you if.. You care to have the next date..LoL..And I'm sorry but any I love yous or talk of marriage on the 1st date is def creepy..
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    Bubs and Sharpe... you are both a riot!!
    Thanks for the laugh!

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    " Sorry, My hormones are playing up"
    " It looked bigger in the picture"
    " You like to do WHAT in the evenings!
    "That reminds me, I need to buy slug killer when I go shopping"
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    Do you like chocolate brownies?

    Come and see my golden shower!

    Would your bum look big on this?

    Joking aside, a lot of people make the mistake of allowing lust and desire to cloud their judgement and they often say things like "Marry Me" "Lets Make Babies" "Lets go on holiday together" "I love you"
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    My best advice is not to bring up past relationships too much. Oh, and hey Bubs,
    sometimes you get the best men when you leave out your toys. lol
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    Bubs, I always LOOK under the bed!
    Really though, don't mention digestive problems or health matters that are on a need to know basis. If you are headed to the sack(bed over here), doubtless any communicables NEED to be discussed. But if Broccoli races through you faster than Sea Biscuit at Santa Anita in 1937, JUST KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND DON'T ORDER BROCCOLI AS A SIDE!!!! Also, serious personal traumas are out, unless of course they are going to impact the date. Otherwise, religion, sex,politics, music and who won some sporting event you both have in common ought to be right out there in front. Ya don't want to be too hot and heavy and find out he likes to wear little hats and yell 'sieg hiel' in a munchkin voice while he is halfway to finding your G spot.
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    Dunno about what not to say, But I know I hide the handcuffs and tuck the whip away under the bed
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