Sad Day... Friendship

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    I hope you dont give up, not all of us are bad. A note to Cathii that is just wrong.:)
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    I don't know what he lied about but if you two can conversate for 15 months daily, there's something there. The lie maybe unforgiveable, I don't know but if it isn't don't throw the baby out with the bath water. What was the intent of the lie, and is the whole relationship based on the lie? In the end do what's best for you music. As for the rest of you male bashing I-N-D-I-V-I-D-U-A-L-S the coin has two sides.
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    sorry to hear of your disappointment Musicnut. It seems however there are some decent friends out there. I've come to the conclusion, who needs men, most of them lie and cheat - waiting to be put right on that one! Stay on the site though for a chat! Im new to this, just registered today so hoping i meet lots of new buddys! x
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    Musicnut - - I hope you stay if not to find a prospective romantic interest, just to hang out with new-found friends. When I started on this site a year or so ago, I really was looking to find "the one". What I found were some really cool female friends whom I've enjoyed chatting with on the net and on the phone and even met up with some locally and gone to dinner and the movies. I'm no longer a "preferred" member pretty much 'cause I've found that most people aren't truthful when trying to impress someone of the opposite sex. But I keep coming to the boards, as enjoy the banter and the wit of a lot folks here. I'm currently working on a situation right now with a man I did meet thru this site. It was all good and gravy in the beginning but all of a sudden cooled and changed - - he swears nothing has changed but I'm still cautious . I hope to continue to see you on the boards. You're definitely one of the more pleasant posters.
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    15 months is a long time.
    Try 6 years!
    This last November, I finally met face to face the man I thought I'd be with forever. We shared one wonderful week together....
    It only took the following week to unravel those 6 years of talking for hours, daily via phone or email, etc.

    Yes, the internet is risky. But honestly, unless you like to frequent the bar scene, where else can you meet single people these days? It's not easy.

    It is easy to give up. The hard part is staying in there and not letting yourself get defeated by those who are not capable of being not only honest to you, but to themselves.

    Hang in there honey... your not alone.

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    Awwww....So So Sorry Nut...
    I am sure we will keep in touch via the chat room and e mails.
    Babe...we all know there are b*st*rds out there....Dont give up...You are such a lovely person, someone will be so pleased they have met you one day...Same as I am
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