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    LOL i think my pic is enuf to scare anyone off lol, and thats me supposedly 'smiling' i swear i think i lok like a psychopath on day release lol, i must admit i love seeing a person smile esp if i put the smile there! But even if the mouth isnt smiling, eyes can show happiness, i adore 'laughing eyes' sometimes seeing the eyes smile means a lot more than the mouth curved upwards lol

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    i don't think i take a good pic, so i don't smile...doesn't mean i'm not a happy person.

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    I always smile in pics. It's because I have a gorgeous smile. I've been told that by many ppl, especially men. My ex (who I met online) said my smile is what caught his eye. Having straight, white teeth helps. LOL I do believe some ppl photograph better when not smiling. I guess if u're attractive it really doesn't matter if u smile or not, but I think a sincere smile lightens up anyones face and makes their eyes come alive. Which is what I find makes anyone attractive.
  • View author's info posted on Mar 08, 2006 21:18

    Some people don't smile for personal/medical reasons.. IE bad teeth or what ever it may be.. Not a lovely thought I know.. But hey part of life any more..Not every one has the money to pay out.. If you aren't Lucky enough to have proper medical coverage..
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    I always try to smile...I find it infectious and makes others around me smile also. I have dimples so I used to get comments and teased of that alot when I was younger.

    Way back in high school a friend was taking photos of me and looked up from the camera and said you frown when you smile. I was confused by his comment but saw what he ment when I looked in a mirror. The corners of my mouth turn down more the bigger my smile gets. Sometime this drives me crazy!

  • View author's info posted on Mar 07, 2006 19:40

    TallRapunzel write:
    I'm guilty of having one of those photos in my album, but it's not out of unhappiness or anger, but because I wanted people to see my eyes. When I smile they disappear and my face looks like all cheek :)

    i have that prob sometimes....but i always try to smile...and just make sure my eyes are never know when someone is falling in love with your smile :)
  • View author's info posted on Mar 06, 2006 14:50

    allsofttouches write:
    Maybe it is just me. I admit to a bias against people who do not smile. I work with nearly 200 people and at one time or another I HAVE seen them smile at least once. Most smile. I wonder how people get through life just frowning all day. In music entertainment it is 'cool' to pout. I don't care for it, but regardless. I mention this because there are a number of profile photos that look as though these people are at gun point, or in a vise, or made of clay. I don't mean to badger, but did you ever hear that more flies are caught with honey, not vinegar? I won't mention names on the site but there are some hysterical sour/bland/angry faces on profiles that are asking for a date. (!) Just thought I'd mention it. Lighten up a little will ya? It will do you good.

    I was going to agree but then gave it some deeper thought. Lets say you went one further and asked for a tidy bedroom, a grass meadow instead of a scruffy back yard, a mansion in the country rather than a high rise block of flats. You can see where this is leading. The fact is the queen of England has never ever seen England or has never spoken to a common English person. Because she is only ever shown the nice things in life and when people do get to speak to her they put on a false smile and a big act.

    We are what we are and if that means that we're not smiling then that's who we are some of the time.

    What if you went on a date with someone who smiled on their photo, would you expect them to sit there with a silly grin on their face all night?

    I see you're point about coming across to others at your best. But I really like an honest candid picture taken in true surroundings.

    Remember what Oliver Cromwell said "paint me warts and all".

    You're right what you say but I can see why people don't always smile.

    Ironically if you look left you will see that I am smiling!

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