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    I like Monique. She is so proud of herself as is and all the other women like herself, us. I love that she isn't scared to speak up and that she started that Beauty Contest for BBW. There should be more beautiful women like her who speak up and say that we are just as beautiful if not more beautiful than the women in Vogue and on the run ways... Have you seen some of those women without make up on? We look better at are worse than they do. They just have a group of people doctoring them up to make them look better and use computers sometimes to alter the image more to make this "image" to what they think is desirable. I'm glad to be normal, and natural. I just hate that its not represented more on TV for children and teens to see. All these images are doing is clouding their minds and keeping the cycle going. Cycle of eating disorders, and them having bad images of themselves. I do believe in eating good foods and taking care of myself but will never have the desire to be tiny or even average size. Someone earlier mentioned "Baby Cakes". I loved that movie when I was younger. I've always been big, even as a child and that movie gave me hope that someday someone would like me for me no matter how odd I could be or what size I was. That all that mattered was who I was to them and to myself.
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    The Vicar of Dibley series on PBS. Dawn French is a lovely woman who plays a saucy, sexy Vicar with more than a few romantic interludes, humorous ones and not so humorous ones.
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    What about the show "Less Than Perfect" with Sara Rue?
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    A recent BBW character is on the series Criminal Minds. I can't recall her name, but the blond computer guru. She has unusual fashion sense, but is smart, sassy and gets to do lots of flirting with the hunky FBI agents!
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    IF nobody has seen the movie with Ricki Lake called BABY CAKES you MUST see it.......its the best movie for BBW!!!!!
    BB Jeanie

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    Well since nobody has mentioned it before, here goes. If anyone has seen "Road Trip" with Tom Green, then you've seen a sexy girl by the name of Mia Amber Davis. I think she's hot in that movie. But alas she lost most of the weight and doesn't look the same anymore. She's the girl that that skinny guy meets at the black fraternity and that love scene was awesome!
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    Also, if you've ever seen Weeds on Showtime, there is a young BBW of one of the main characters. The show itself is hilarious, but they do some great scenes where the girl battles it out with a super perfect and super skinny mom who is less than pleased about her BBW daughter.
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    Have you seen the mexcian soap opera "Rebelde", it is on Univision. There is a beautiful young lady who plays "Celina". She does a good job of bringing the role of a young BBW to life. She has a mother who wishes she was thin, her friends who love her for who she is, a true friend and has insecurities about eating and young men liking her.
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    There was an episode of Just Shoot Me that was great. The main character (is it Maya, I don't remember) is thin, but dating a guy who is attracted to BBW's and tries to turn her into one. While there were a couple not so nice slams (like the guy offering to buy her elastic waistband pants if she'll gain wait) the premise was good and that normal (and cute) guys can find females larger than stick figures attractive.
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    I guess I have to agrre with some of you. Monique and Queen Latifah are my favorites but you had the girl in sister act who lost the weight but she was big and then you have the girl on the Eve show she is big.
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    Eathmama mentioned Kathy Bates. OOOOOOOHHHHH.....I had a tough time accepting her as the villain in 'Misery'. Every now and then I'd have to snap out of it and remember it was a movie. I kept thinking how she could have her way with me and not have to force me at all! Sorry, this is WAAAAAAYYY off the subject. She was soooo adorable in 'Tomatoes' too and then she was in Delores Clayborne and.....
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    Not sure if this will be a sterotype movie, but i do LOVE Monique:

    Phat Girlz

    An edgy comedy about two frustrated plus-size women obsessed with their weight while struggling to find love and acceptance in a world full of ?hot bodied? babes. The PHAT GIRLZ are thrown a major curve ball when they meet the men of their dreams in the most unexpected of ways.

    Rating: Not yet rated
    In Theatres: April 7th, 2006

    Nnegest Likke (dir.)
    Jimmy Jean-Louis
    Joyful Drake
    Eric Roberts

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    Times are changing! In Shrek, the fat girl was the love interest. Oprah played a BBW in the Color Purple whose man was crazy in love with her. On the Gilmore Girls, the best friend is a BBW, but she's happily married. Actually half the actresses on that show are BBWs who are in happy relationships (or have memories of them). Queen Latifah plays it sexy in all her movies.

    I saw that CSI show about the BBWs, and it did not make fun, although it did cast BBWs as somewhat pitiful in their search for love. BBWs may not be the stars of the show yet, but at least they're not invisible anymore.
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    Come on now, there have been some good examples of BBW as the lead in films. Two that come to mind are Kathy Bates (Fried Green Tomatoes[Towanda], and many others), Ricki Lake (before she lost the weight and became the female Jerry Springer) was the lead in several John Waters Films (Hairspray, Crybaby),
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    I had just seen an episode of Law and Order, SVU. A (twisted) father has his BBW wife impregnated by other men until she can no longer have children. The same BBW actress also played a villianess in another episode, as a brunette instead of blond. These were serious,but very small roles. One can only hope this improves in both the small and large screen. There was a witch film by Disney with Bette Midler and (is her name Katy Najimy? Middle eastern descent?) Damn annoying isn't it? Slightly digressing, but in a similar vein: I've read about 'fat Marylin Monroe...' and 'Megan Mulally? Oh yeah, you LIKE fat women' I am told when I mention HER name, and '.. the sometimes chubby actress, Kathleen Turner' was a remark in a TV guide article. They have all been in serious film work and while they are not BBW, they are, remarkably, considered fat!!
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