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  • View author's info posted on Mar 21, 2006 09:16

    DAMN - so nobody got the date? LOL
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  • View author's info posted on Mar 16, 2006 23:06

    Hmmm, maybe it was me ....?

    I'm a bit of an obsessive gym-goer .... I get huge pangs of guilt if I don't work out regularly, I'm talking once, sometimes even twice a month!

    And as for food ... well my body is a temple. Think "Taj Mahal", lol. I like to take the healthy option where possible .... even opting for chocolate with fruit and nuts 'cos they are good for you, tee hee!

    My "normal" sized friends work hard to stay that way, I enjoy my food and make no apologies for it!

    You were a breath of fresh air on here Sharpy, always happy to speak your mind. A little contradictary maybe, but also funny, observant, touching and never dull.

    Sorry you are going; will miss you heaps.

  • View author's info posted on Mar 16, 2006 14:35

    Erm.. I think you've been talking to the wrong people then!

    I dont believe in 'Diets' however i DO believe in healthy eating, Im happy with my size and i eat what i like within reason and just make sure i don't eat too much saturated fat obviously as everyone should for for health reasons! as for 'the gym' that's a swear word to me - i enjoy swimming once a week and i do have like a mini gym in my house but it's not like i use it all the time - just enough to keep fit as i do consider myself 'quite' fit - i can run!! lol

    Well Sharpy - if you really want to leave then so be it - have a good one and all that BUT i really don't see the point in you leaving! You enjoy chatting in these forums and im sure that if you hang on a while the right girl will turn up who WONT talk about dieting and gyms etc! God knows why ANY woman would rabbit on about that sort of thing on this site - the problem is a lot of larger woman are craving acceptence and they feel they should say it so the guy thinks he will end up with a thin woman at the end of it all forgetting that they are on a dating site for large women and men AND admirers! Jeeez ladies try and remember the guys here actually WANT a larger woman!!! lol

    Sharpy - Pull yerself together!!
  • View author's info posted on Mar 16, 2006 08:02

    Well, we'll all miss ya on here of luck to you, and I hope you find what your are looking for!

    P.S. Diets??? Me??? lol Haven't used that word in years...
  • View author's info posted on Mar 15, 2006 15:46

    Waits with baited breath.. The suspense is killing me!!
  • View author's info posted on Mar 15, 2006 06:42

    Just poppin' in to see how the competition is going.

    Sharpy - - if a US lady wins, who's crossing the Atlantic??

    Just curious.......

    I've been wanting to come over and meet up with JacktheLass. Can we make it a threesome?? The date, of course...

    P.S. Yes, I know it
    doesn't rhyme!!! LOL
  • View author's info posted on Mar 14, 2006 10:47

    Sharpe write:
    That's funny I like that as I go to quite a few antique fairs, being an antique myself!

    countrygirl53144 write:
    Sharpe, I would like to put in a bid LOL

    Hey what's with the change of rules? I mean, it's one thing coming up with a chat up line or a poem, not sure about paying for ya though!!
  • View author's info posted on Mar 13, 2006 10:04

    Sharpe write:
    Hi Jayne

    I think what you said is right, people are often too quick to say that they love someone without being sincere about it.

    They seem to confuse lust and desire with the emotion of love. Or maybe they are using 'I love You' in the sort of way that you would use 'I like You' but because they really like you they go OTT and use the word Love.

    So it's a very good point that you make and it was taken in the good spirit that you said it in.

    I often forget to add an emoticon so my posts can be misconstrued quite easily, but it adds some ambiguity to them I suppose, which makes the responses that I get a lot more varied and interesting.

    Chris (Sharpy)

    Sharpy, Here's a big hug for you for being a total sweetie. Grab it quick before the moderators nick it for themselves!

    J x

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  • View author's info posted on Mar 13, 2006 03:56

    Sharpe, I would like to put in a bid LOL
  • View author's info posted on Mar 12, 2006 12:46

    Sharpe write:
    I'm a warm, loving, caring sort of a person, in fact it's probably my best quality, so it comes with the territory.

    However I can be too nice for my own good at times, but I'm not ashamed of being this way or of showing it.

    Maybe this is not what you want from a man.

    But I don't do cold hearted dates.

    Take care
    Chris (Sharpe)

    Ouch! Ok, that was a pretty poor attempt at humour, sorry .... never really doubted that you're a warm and wonderful human being.
  • View author's info posted on Mar 12, 2006 09:14

    Ok, that was a decent answer, but the original question still remains. It is clear that you think you are the best road to take, and you very well could be, but so far in this post I have not seen you tell anyone why. I do have to say that I think you are interesting but that is based on only a few lymerics. And I want you to know that I am in no way trying to be nasty (like certain other women here) I am just curious about the man who is offering himself on a silver platter.
  • View author's info posted on Mar 12, 2006 08:07

    Lol-Reminds me about a joke I heard:

    A nun was soaking in the bath when she heard a knock on the door. "Who is it?" she called, "It's only the blind man" came the reply.
    The nun thought ah well it's ok to let him in cos he's blind so she opened the door.
    The man walked in and said "Nice ti*ts lady, now where do you want these blinds?"

    lol-the old one's are the best!

  • View author's info posted on Mar 12, 2006 07:19

    Sharpe write:

    Sometime love will take you by surprise, but sometimes it's just there and all that you need to do is to walk right up and take it.

    Eeek .... thought this was about a date ... where did the "L" word come into it??!!
  • View author's info posted on Mar 12, 2006 01:11

    You know Sharpe, amongst all of these different opinions be them negative or honest or sarcastic , you still remain cool and diplomatic, rather than going for the jugular, thats pretty admirable.
  • View author's info posted on Mar 11, 2006 18:19

    Veni Dearest, the lips were delightful....were they yours? I guess they were yanked? WHOT THE HELL! IF they were your lips, if they were someone elses maybe you had to pay a royalty. ...well...if some fellow in jail had that picture I guess they would be certified 'stroke' material. I DON'T mean a cerebral infarction either. (!)
  • View author's info posted on Mar 11, 2006 18:14

    Hey Sharpe! WHOT THE HELL? I appreciate that you returned the lips to the site since VeniVini yanked them in favor of the last living retired BEEFEATER in Wal-mart skivees. The color is a little garish but I do appreciate the solidarity.
  • View author's info posted on Mar 11, 2006 17:44

    Well.. how about a date with me and my girlfriend, we'll have dinner, go partying followed by home and a jacuzzi - all 3 of us...... then bed ;)
  • View author's info posted on Mar 11, 2006 15:06

    You know Sharpy, something just occurred to me. You are asking all these women to compete for a date with you, but just out of curiosity, what makes you so special that all these women should WANT a date with you???
  • View author's info posted on Mar 11, 2006 13:08

    VeniVici; sorry to inform you that the "under wear" great grand pop is wearing are cheap plastic. NOT RUBBER; he ain't prepared!
  • View author's info posted on Mar 11, 2006 03:13

    VeniVici That was really nasty!

    I know she has made some unkind remarks but there's no need for that. You don't even know the woman so how can you possibly make statements like that about her?

    This is supposed to be a bit of FUN so for goodness sake put your claws away before you have all the men on here thanking god they are single!


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