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    Bambi 2 - This time... it's personal!

    Does it involve Bambi going after the humans that killed his mother? does he murder them in a series of more and more grotesque and darkly inventive vignettes?
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    Ahhh... Dear Theo....

    Has the commercialized monopoly of children's films otherwise known as Disney made you that jaded?

    Next you're going to tell us that the cute little forest animals are protesting in the streets about a cartoon and Flower the skunk and the owl are going hunting with our Vice President?
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    Obviously Thumper's having a hard time of it. His childhood friend has alienated himself from all that love him and all that he once loved, entirely consumed by his psychotic rage and thirst for revenge.

    To try and crush the pain, Thumper began experimenting with drugs. Moving quickly from alcohol to heroin and crack. But he is only a rabbit... how can he pay for these things? by cross-dressing and turnning tricks on the darker side of the forest of course. We re-join Thumper now as he receives some bad news from the blood tests he took a few days ago...
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