Is having a racial preference racist? DATING

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    ronjeanjr write:
    Racist = NO. It all **depends** on WHY. Having racial preference is smart if it's in relation to your [future] children because of all of the genetic problems with interracial babies, but if you are preferring a certain race for reasons OTHER THAN THIS then I'd say it is indeed racists because the reason above is the only logical reason to limit such a possibility and love is love and people are people - no matter the color, shape, or size !

    there are no genetic problems with interracial children.
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    Okay, I've remained quiet on this topic up to this point......but GENETIC PROBLEMS W/INTERRACIAL BABIES??? And where is this information documented? I've never heard such a thing. I've heard of genetic problems with intra-family babies....but interracial?

    I have three, smart; funny; gorgeous and HEALTHY interracial kids who are my life. Okay talking back a genetic defect? LMAO

    Really...........what rubbish!
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    I agree with most every one on here that feels it is a preference thing and so it does not constitute racism. But also you can not group every one into that race as being the same way like color, attitude, speech, dress, music etc... I had a cousin R.I.P who was black that loved and performed heavy metal music so if a woman was to pass him by only because she thought black men only listens to rap or r&b she would've been missing out on a great guy that she may have had a lot in common with. This was all said just to point out that you shouldn't group people together and never pass up the opportunity to get to know everyone for their individualized selves.
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    I don't think race is the instinctual part. What is instictual is the attraction. Reproductive wise, our bodies are tuned to pick someone -usually - that is genetically different than ourselves. There are several tests done that show if you DNA type people, they will prefer even the smell of someone that is farther away from them genetically than someone who is close (I don't mean family, where you might like the smell because its familiar).
    Visually, I don't know what the cues are. But instincts and genetics DO play a part.
    This comes from a Zoology major and years of genetics and biology.
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    Firstly, attraction is based on learned information. This from a psychology major. Secondly, we are all a little racist whether we want to admit to it or not because of the way in which we grew up in our cultures. Unless someone grew up in a beautiful melting pot utopia, (although I don't think one exists), their preferences are based on what they have learned. It is not genetic, it is not instinctual. That is not even how instinct works. People should really look it up. My parents don't care if I date a white guy or someone from any other race as long as we're happy and he's not abusive. Point blank. There are whites, native americans, hispanics, in my family. I come from a huge multi-cultural family, therefore, I can date a white man and what others say doesn't bother me. As long as my family is cool. I like my men and friends to meet my parents. Religion is another issue. I would have a hard time dating an atheist, muslim, or jehovah's witness, mormon, or jew because I am Roman Catholic and they would have to convert to marry me.

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    I guess it is the question of the ages. Right up there with the chicken and egg debate. But really, those who refuse to date outside of their religion or race know exactly why they choose not to do so. They may not want to admit the reason, but they know how they feel and they entitled to their feelings and opinions.

    Whether the reason is due to racism or preference, choosing to date outside of one's race is very difficult. And I honestly think that one of the biggest reasons why people don't date outside of their race has to do with the difficulties that they will encounter from those in society who frown upon such unions.

    Just like being called rude names, being snickered at, being stared and the like because one is large, that is the same treatment that one may encounter if they dated outside their race. And not just from strangers, but from family, too. Not only that, one runs the risk of being thought of as a traitor to their race, ashamed of one's own race and other untrue and illogical thoughts. Let's not forget the family ties that have been severed just because someone fell in love with a person that was not of the same race.

    While these are but a few of the unpleasant situations that interracial couples may endure, they are enough to keep people within the "acceptable" social boundaries of dating "thier own kind".

    Once again, just my two pennies worth.
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    Allsoft..ok, just being still relatively new to the british slang (sorry, not sure of the correct term here!)...chuffed means proud/happy...I'm guessing the phrase chuffed dead just means really pleased/proud...but maybe wrong about that, might need some other Brits to back me up on this one?
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    allsofttouches write:
    GOH!!!! no one answered yet; what does 'chuffed dead' mean?

    Transatlantic translation for you, touches......'Dead chuffed' means jolly pleased
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    I think that this could become an explosive topic! :) Well, I think everyone is different. We each have what we would term our "ideal" man/woman. Personally, I prefer caucasian men, tall, with dark hair and blue eyes...but that is only the fantasy! I was in love with a Mexican-American in high school, and certainly wouldn't say no if Denzel Washington stopped by....
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    Thanks, Millie. thats what ive been trying to say as well.
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    I like what I like, and if people think it's racist or that I need to be 'educated and opened up to alternative' tastes, tough!

    Individuals are programmed to procreate, people can't help their predispositions. Fat isn't attractive to most people because it doesn't project the 'healthy gene' pool well.

    We wouldn't be here today, if it weren't for our picky (or, should that read racially motivated) ancestors selecting individuals which projected the 'healthy gene pool.' Heaven forbid political correctness took over.
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    Ok, but I am not the one who said that you shouldnt PREFER one type to another. From what I can see, it sounded like you said that. I have preferences and if one of them happens to be race, I will not apologize for it. It is in no way racial. I simply don't find certain things attractive. I don't have very many preferences, but there are a few things that I am just turned off by.
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    Ok Theo, so if even you "oh enlightened one" have things that turn you off then why can't the rest of us??? Why are your preferences any different than anyone elses?
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    Nice job, likenonother!!!!!
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    People who think they are so "enlightened" crack me up. You're not enlightened you're just prejudiced towards people for different reasons that are important to you because you agree with it. You're just someone with no taste, no preference and no standards because you will date anyone for any reason. There is nothing wrong with having preferences be it race or otherwise. I prefer men taller but no smaller than me. I am not at all attracted to large men but I like the thick ones with a little bit of a belly and stocky build. I have never dated outside my race either but would consider it with the right person. Let you tell it and not only am I racist but I'm prejudiced against fat, short, blind, ugly, jobless, ambitionless, humorless, rude, and stupid people. I guess all I can say is...I'll be that. **smooches**

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    So Theo, does that mean if you meet a woman who weighs 700 lbs. you would still be attracted to her? Is fat, fat regardless of how fat? Is there any kind of physical trait that would make you not interested in a person?
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    Dummy Mcdumbersons I guess.
    But maybe that was a rhetorical question.

    On a side're fun.
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    I agree 100% because who else knows exactly what it feels like to be treated like you're totally invisible?
    It's crazy.

    I try to keep an open mind.
    I'm pickier with guys when it comes to things like poor spelling and grammar.
    That's just because I'm a giant wordy nerd I suppose.
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    How many people are actually that enlightened?

    Too many people are blindsided by the idea of beauty that is spoon fed to them via cable tv and glossy weekly publications. When was the last time you saw a BBW cast as anything other than the funny friend in a movie or on a TV show? Yea...I can't think of answer to that question either. We are led to believe that people who are larger are just not worthy of being loved.

    Am I getting ranty?
    Sorry, it happens!
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