Who has a Best Date Ever to share? DATING

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    Luckily it was before I was married. Otherwise, as a true blue, monogamous, non-cheating,one woman man FOOL, I would have passed on the opportunity. I digress; I have always been a light drinker, 2 beer/cocktail/wine maximum. I know my limits. Two BBW's sat one on either side of me and introduced themselves. Since I can count this type of experience on one finger(yeah, this ONE time)I didn't think anything of it. They were both pretty, plump and one was smaller on 'top' and larger 'at bottom', my favorite. Thinking I might get a phone number out of this I was really, really, REALLLLLY pleasantly surprised when an offer was made. I almost pinched myself but thought what the hell, it's a hell of a dream, don't wake up. Well it wasn't a dream. OH!...the shame of it!..they had their way with me! Until about 4:30 am!
    OOOOPs.....you wanted to know about the best DATE. This was merely, in American parlance, a 'pick-up'. The best date was when they called me, I took flowers for each, and they took me out, fed me, plied me with my 2 drink limit, took me home and took advantage of me. Again. Now I'm 54 and living off the memories.
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    VeniVici write:
    Even if you never ended up with that certain person(s) you may have dated, and you two didn't end up in a long term relationship...

    Does anyone here have a great date they could share about invovling any random date they went on?

    LOL, how sweet.

    Do you remember when first I met you
    In the park on the corner we spent the night through
    The wind blew your hair through a curtain of mist
    In the park on the corner, where first we kissed.

    When the candles burnt out and we're no longer young
    We'll have Gypsy Lace curtains to keep out the sun
    To block out the cold winds we'll carpet all the floors
    And to lock out the weather, we'll bolt all the doors.

    Nice one Pedros - I love success stories.

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    VeniVici write:
    I am so pleased with the posts in this post topic. It is giving myself, and I'm sure many others a real boost of confidence, and it emphasizes that there really are great DATES to be had!

    It is positive, and it is optimistic.

    Plus...it makes ME want to go to the UK for a date as great as Pedros. it sounded absolutely grand!

    It was indeed. Couldn't have wished for a better date. Don't think I've ever hit it off with anyone like that before.
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    I met a guy at a conference in Orlando, and neither of us having anything better to do, decided to have dinner at a cuban restaurant in universal studios. We danced up a storm (even though we both were terrible!)and then walked around until 4 am watching all the people and lights. We even took a boat ride and then watched fireworks over the water from the top of a bridge while eating ice cream cones. I laughed so much that night my face still hurt days later. He unfortunately lives several thousands of miles away, but we had a great time and still keep in touch.
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    Best date I ever had was in London. We met after talking for about a month. She looked so scared standing outside the train station so I gave her a hug which calmed her down instantly. We walked to Buckingham Palace and walked throuh Hyde Park just talking and having a laugh. We took the tube to Covent Garden which was great, street performers on every corner. It was a blazing hot day so we stopped off for a cold drink. While we were sitting talking I moved closer and kissed her. She was taken aback by this as I had previously told her I was shy but I thought the time was right and I might not get another chance. We then went for pizza then made our way back to the park to sit in the shade under the trees. We talked and kissed for hours until about 11pm not taking any notice of the people passing by. We got together shortly after this and were together for 6 months. I will remember this day until I die.
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    I don't know if you would call it a best date ever, but I did make a wonderful friend for life. We decided to meet for coffee after chatting a bit on the net. Had one coffee that turned into three, went for dinner and had conversations that you would have if you were spending time with your best friend. We don't see each other as intimate partners, but we talk about everything. We have become great friends helping each other out in this crazy dating world.
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