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    we do but u women forgot we value u and time is a short commodity so if i gotta get at u before i post a pic oh well if u hate me for it karma always has a way of identifying people faults to themselves.

    i got a question tho. why dont women talk to men locally or let me holla at em out in public. i get the impression that women like men to want them but pick n choose who they want anyway.

    just like a peacock the female will be attracted to the plumage of the male so it dont matter how many peacocks run before her, if she dont rain when she see u or not; then o well.
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    Well I can tell you why I am very reluctant to post a pic. I am married and while my wofe would not see it someone she knows may and that would be disasterous. Ok sorry to you ladies who are genuinly looking for a partner but a lot of guys are looking for a lady friend who would sometimes like a bit of fun.Ok my personal fantasy whether you are interested or not (I bet you read it anyhow) I personally would love to meet up with a BBW, have a coffee (and cake of coz) If we click then my lady friend has her house she can take me to for some fun. We go there and I delite in masageing her lovely fat body. She delights in doing the same and we go from there.
    Ok so now you know but I promise I will post a pic if this site makes it possible to let only you see it.
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    OK... I'm getting really tired of hearing women chime in.... So certain that they know how a man thinks. Actually, if they did, they wouldn't be here looking for a man. The number one reason that men don't post pics on dating sites is because men aren't as public about dating/affairs of the heart as women are. We don't feel comfortable (especially in front of our friends or coworkers) about being needy in any way. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's stupid, right? And maybe we think that it's stupid that you don't engage in indiscriminate sex. After all, what's the big deal. Anyway, the point that I'm trying to make is that women know so little about what makes a man tick, but they act like they know it all, BECAUSE... they substitute the reasons why they wouldn't do something. The truth is that roughly half of married women will repeatedly have affairs, but they don't get caught, because they're not as stupid as men. Women's Infidelity (written by a woman)is a good read. By the way, the adultery site "Ashley Madison" was founded by a woman.
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    minijawa write:
    Sometimes feel having my pic up scares the ladies away lol


    Oh don't be silly, you are handsome- especially when wearing your glasses (I happen to think that glasses are sexy). You do, however, appear to be living in a coat closet. Are you hiding from us? :)
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    I think Bubs is right. Most men don't post pics because they're MARRIED or have a live-in girlfriend. Whenever I get a response from a guy w/ no pic, I give him the third degree. That still doesn't mean he'll tell me the truth, but at least he knows my bullsh*t detector's in working order.
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    have no more idea why the guys dont put their pics on here than i do why the ladies dont. no camera maybe? oh well like everyone else said nice to know who your talking to or at lol.
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    When I first joined this site, I didn't have any pics to post because, for one, I didn't and still don't have my own computer and had nothing to upload with. I was checking out sites while at work and just signed up for anything "free" and then found out photos were wanted. Second, I don't have a digital camera and if I did, I don't usually take photos of my self. I know I'm purrtty. The pictures I have posted were taken by friends at a Padres game and they happened to have them still in their computer. I find it kind of odd that so many people won't have a thing to do with someone who doesn't post pics of themselves. Isn't it what's on the inside that counts?? Judging whether or not you'll talk with someone based on their looks is SOOOOO superficial. I should know because that's what I do 95% of the time. It's almost like skinny people ignoring someone just because they are not the same size -2 they are. HOW RUDE!! I have to admit that seeing how many of the ladies at this site get bent out of shape because guys don't have a photo and won't even TALK with them because of it, I don't feel so bad doing it back to them. After all, all they are trying to do is CHAT with you. It's not like they can hurt you through the magic of keyboards, as far as I know. Of course, mines just a Dell here at work, dude.
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    I think...its one of three reasons why men dont post piccies...
    1..They are genuinely shy
    2..They are married and dont want anyone to see them here
    3...They honestly want to talk to someone first, before releasing a pic?
    Personally...I think the order is 2 then 1 then 3
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    I did a search of men with in a 100 mile radius from where Ilive and i have to say that about 65% of the men had no pictures. It does make you feel as if they are hiding something.
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    jakgriffon write:
    i'm the one in the middle but don't mention the marigolds

    Where do you keep the duster and tin of polish?
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    I see alot of women that don't post a picture when I do. I like to see who I am talking to.
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    Darn good question. I stay away from them b/c I think they are hiding that they are married, u know? P.S. You are a very pretty lady. Some guy is going to snatch you up real soon. Best of luck,

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