Perfume or no perfume? DATING

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    Hey Steveie dear...

    Come up here and give a sniff and tell me if this is the right scent for me? btw... it's good to see your bright smiling face again after being gone for so long. *smile*
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    Wearing a fragrance is great, but it's important not to smell like you practically bathe in the stuff, ya know?
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    VeniVici write:
    Ladies, and Gents...what is the consensus on perfume or cologne habits?

    Im not joking here, they used to sell a scent for men in those adult toy catalogues, this was later sold in boots the chemist in the UK.

    Now I tell you no word of a lie I bought some of this stuff from Boots and put it on and went out and it had an amazing effect on the ladies.

    It was very musky smelling but I tell you I was literally having to fight girls off me. For some reason it disappeared from the market and yet this stuff actually did what others tell you they do but dont.

    I then moved onto Lynx Oriental, so what do they go and do but take it off the market.

    Now they have one called 'Touch' which smells like bottled puke.

    Anything that's any good just seems to vanish?

    I say bring back the Brut, remember Brut West was quite good though, but they took that off the market as well!!!
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    For men I love Bay oil or anything, herbal, minty or piney - and I've encountered some men who have sweat that smells amazing.

    I believe a study was conducted a few years back that determined that men are irresistably drawn to the smell of cinnamon buns (vanilla, butter, yeast, cinnamon, sugar).

    I like the idea of the essential oils since they have therapuetic benefits and dissipate into subtlety quickly. I like clean fragrances such as spike lavendar oil for my sheets and linens - I even put it in ironing spray and laundry sometimes but just a little. Lately for my personal fragrance, I've been into a 3 to 1 blend of green fig oil (nutty, vanilla and herby)with egyptian musk oil. Also, I've noticed that grapefruit is a magical fragrance too - mostly for hand soap or dish soap.

    Fragrance is fun - but subtle / minimal use is critical. Heavy sweet, strong perfumes or colognes are a real turn off to me - many perfumes and colognes smell like overly ripe fruit.
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    Sometimes it's nice for a man to just smell 'natural', but not too natural! As long as it's not over the top, a little cologne is good. A'men by Thierry Mugler makes me weak at the knees.
    I use Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana, but only a subtle squirt x
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    I love perfume...Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder is one of my favorites. I also think there's nothing better than a guy that smells good! So, perfume and cologne are definitely good things, as long as it isn't so strong it smells like you bathed in it, LOL!

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  • View author's info posted on Feb 12, 2006 09:12

    Rockchickbbw write:

    Vanilla oil is my fave for me , I like Beautiful by Estee Lauder out of the expensive ones ....I still have the same bottle from 2 yrs ago ... I heard perfume can go off ... this one still smells ok .

    Beautiful is also my favorite. And for men, I like their natural scent, or any musky scent like Obsession for men. Yum!!
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    Nothing is sexier than a great smelling guy.. clean, masculine and a cologne that works for him.. I love Obession and will follow it anywhere..(just ask the guy in Walmart last

    For me.. I use "Moonlight Path" from Bath and Body Works.. I layer shower gel, moisturizer and body's not overpowering and it compliments my chemistry.
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    I really don't care for cologne at all on men. Each man has a distinctive "manly" smell (think freshly showered and deodorized) that is very appealing on it's own. Any men that I meet who wear cologne I generally stay away from as it smells offensive to me. If I really like them I just ask them not to wear it because they smell good naturally.
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    For me I like the more natural scents and oil like lavender, vanilla, etc. For guys, something a bit rugged in scent is ok, but in EXTREME moderation... as in just a little dab will do ya!
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    Use it sparingly. It is great to smell good but leaving a fume cloud behind is never appealing.
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