Go Seahawks!!! Sports and travel

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    1sweetcanderella write:
    congratulations pittsburgh!
    great game!

    forever loving her hawks
    she dabbs the tears from her eyes
    and turns the corner.... lol

    The Hawks will defintly compete agian next season. The thing is is that the AFC has been very dominant for the past few years....It will be nice when a NFC teams the Championship. Hopefully next year...with the Vikes (wink wink)
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    to tell you the truth. I think the Steelers will win, it will be really nice to see Bettis get a ring, being this is his last game...and from Detroit. It would be even more fitting if he makes the game winning touchdown with seconds left in the game.

    But if they don't, I'm happy for the Hawks too. But next year? It's all Vikings!!
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