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    Cathii write:
    I am 5'6 and personally like taller guys, that is not to say that i wouldnt date a shorter guy, but i dont like the look of a tall woman or woman in heels with a really short guy...the visual of the guys head as an arm rest, just dont cut it for me.

    Well I'm 5'9, so if you wore 3" heels we'd be the same height!
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    biigbiirdy write:
    I'm afraid height is fairly important to me. I'm 5ft10 and would prefer to be with a taller guy .... or the same height at least.

    It seems really shallow I know, but the thought of being with a shorter guy puts me in mind of the saucy seaside postcards with the big buxom woman and the short skinny hen pecked hubby!

    And, despite being fiercely independant, there is nothing quite like feeling small(er) and protected in the arms of a taller man.

    That said, if I was to connect with someone shorter I think I'd be prepared to give it a go, I just don't feel that the attraction is so likely!

    Jayne x


    I would have to agree with you... I'm 6'1 and the shortest guy I went out with was about 1 inch shorter... I just wouldn't feel confortable feeling so much bigger than my date.
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    I like tall men, just as I like rasberry jam or horror movies. Doesn't mean I can't eat PB or watch a drama and think they're worth trying. I've been attracted to men who were shorter/younger/other item on grocery list, and the fact that they didn't have that extra inch or year didn't weigh much when I thought about what it was about them that constantly made me think about them. I think men (and yes, women) who limit themselves to a certain height are essentially just putting off getting to know awesome people and enriching their lives.
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    This is such an important thing for me! Invariably I dated guys who were not only shorter, but also usually very slim, and I felt too big! I am 6', so yes, I am looking for someone my height AT LEAST!
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    JJIGGL! ! ! How beautiful!! I don't think anyone could have said that better nor do I think anyone could have a much better take on it.

    I see you've moved right along to the "fiance" stage. I am so happy for you ! ! ! You go gurl ! !

    As for me, I'm gonna keep hope alive ! LOLOL
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    Height doesn't matter when you're lying down!
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    I am 5'9". My fiance is 5'6". I weigh 340lbs. He weighs 160lbs. He loves me BETTER than any man that I have known. Even the one's who where over 6' tall. I know that there is a "standard" where the man is taller and bigger, but in our relationship, I don't feel submissive to him nor do I feel dominant over him. What I do feel is comfortable and safe, emotionally and physically. I have always felt feminine, so his size does not de-feminize me just because I am bigger nor does my size emasculate him just because he is smaller.

    I don't know how to explain it, but our size difference has never bothered me. I won't lie and say that I have not been aware of some reactions that we get when we enter a restaurant or when we are in public. I have to say that most of the comments were funny to me rather than hurtful. When my friend asked me what I was doing with a "little white man", I told her that if she could be me for a day, she would go out and get her a "little white man", too.

    Sorry for going on and on, but to me, the size of my man's heart overrid any apprehensions that I could have had about his size.
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    I am 5'4, as along as he is also 5'4+ thats fine by me. although i would not feel confident being with someone much shorter than i
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    A really tall woman with a short guy invariably looks like one of those spanish language game shows they have on cable.

    You know the ones... short fat guy in a tux with two show girls that tower over him and laugh at all of his jokes.
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    I always preferred a taller man, I'm 5'5", but am going out with someone a tad shorter (not really that noticeable)and he is absolutely gorgeous. Agree it has to be the whole package.

    I still think that we may be missing out on something wonderful if we don't 'look outside the square'.
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    I would have no probs dating someone who was shorter than I. I am pretty short myself at 5'4, so it doesn't happen often, but height means little to me in terms of a whole package.
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    I would have to say that yes height matters to me. Being large and tall I would feel like a freak, and be afraid of hurting him. I have some good friends who are almost a foot shorter than me and I feel like the Jolly Green Giant when I am with them.I know it isn't right but I can't help how I feel.

    How ever go to the romance board, there is a thread there by women who like shorter men.
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    Being 5'2", most guys are taller than me anyways. Although I don't know if I'd be attracted to someone shorter than me, height doesn't really matter to me.

    Sometimes short guy/tall woman couples are really adorable. My brother is 5'5" and my sister-in-law is 5'9" and they're perfect together.
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    I stand just shy of 6 foot in heels so I'm usually as tall or taller than most guys.

    For me, height (much like weight, race, etc) is relative. I've dated a guy who was 5'1" and one that was 6'10"... it's more the person that counts.
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