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    I know, I'm a newer member and not even a paying one still I wanted to write down my thoughts..
    If I offend anyone with my words, I apologize but I do not mean anybody specific.

    Ok, now here I go:
    The forum is structured into categories and I think the headlines are easy to understand (even though I do not really see the difference between "love" and "romance" online.. and what does the "lonely heart" category stand for?), why are all the topics so mixed?
    Same subjects, just by different users in different forum categories..
    I find it hard to remember in what part of the forum I'm in from time to time.
    And maybe it annoys me because I'm german (*laughs*), maybe it annoys me because I'm registered in a lot of different Online communities that are easier to overlook...

    I always thought you should think a minute before you write something in a forum?
    And if I create a new topic shouldn't I think about the headline?
    The 25. "hello" or "I'm ugly" or "Looking for love" is not creative nor is it an eye catcher. Well, why write at all, if I don't want people to notice it?

    Maybe there should also be a category where new members can write a little about themselves and other members can respond, say "hi" and ask questions?
    That would be a nice addition to the profiles.

    Maybe there should be a section called "Body world" were things like "I'm ugly" or "How do I look?" can be posted?
    That way all other categories would be thinned out a little.

    If there was a "Worry Wall" all thoughts that are heavy on your mind or things that make you sad or worry you could be collected there. From "Will I ever be happy?" to "I lost my job" for example.
    The "Lonely heart" category is for love-based trouble in my eyes.

    A "Meet and greet" area would give a home to all the "where are men/women from ...?"-topics.

    The forum reminds me of a stew: All things put into the pot in a certain order, but in the end a mixed mass (or mess?)..

    Non-paying members have this "approval" note when they post something. Is there really somebody reading all topics and responds?
    Can't topics in the "wrong" forum category be pushed into the right one?
    The other communities I'm in do that. Also there is somebody watching the forum to keep it structured..
    (And those are sites you do not have to pay for...)
    I know a site means work, but a site you pay for should provide a certain quality and not just watch out that you do not use "bad language".
    LF has a good quality but with for example volunteers looking after the forum it could have an even better one.
    (I repeat I do not mean to offend the makers of LF!)

    But of course all the work and planning of the creators of this site is useless, if people just post where ever they want to.

    So, please, please, just think before you write!
    And maybe look around the forum to see if somebody else already opened a topic that's similar to yours or the same.

    Thank you!

    Now feel free to tear me up and cut me into pieces!
    And as always: If you find spelling mistakes, you can keep them. ;)

    Best wishes,

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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 26, 2006 at 03:36 AM

    You have made some very valid points. However, they do not pay any attention to these forums unless you issue a complaint. As far as the "approval" delay you are referring to for free members, I believe it is just to be annoying so you will pay to have your posts posted immediately. Good luck in getting one to change anything.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 26, 2006 at 02:36 AM

    Fine... yes. The forum names are a disaster area.

    But you try to get them to change them...
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