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    When you date men online do you find yourself incredibly uncomfortable unless you are at a BBW site? I've found that men tend to skip over the weight portion of profiles and then seemed shocked when they see you. How RUDE can you be? It almost makes me feel like I should tell them beforehand, so as to not waste my time on superficiality. But WHY should I have to tell them's not like a handicap where they might have to make special accomodations for me! I just want to scream!!!! I feel if I am pressured to mention I am overweight to men before our date that they should be feeling the need to divulge their "size" if you get my drift. LOL. Am I wrong for that?
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    I belonged to a single parent site.. and I felt like immediately.. first thing in my profile.. should be.. IM NOT SMALL!

    Then I joined a bbw site and felt like I had to put right off.. I HAVE FOUR KIDS! lol

    That being said.. the bbw site is filled with men who are more understanding about BOTH issues.

    I think men who are open to a bbw are open to much more in general.

    Go GO you sweet guys!


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    CheshireGrins write:
    Ladies, personally a BBW has a much better personality and love of self then most rail thin supermodel wannabes. Women like Queen Latifah, Kathleen Turner and Cameron Manheim are all beautiful ladies. I do look at the body size and when I see thin and a list of what the person does and doesn't want I know I am dealing with someone I don't want to share a moment with. Most BBW's aren't self conscious about the little things and can laugh at themselves and others with no hesitation. I am glad to be here and have not been at all surprised at how attractive and thoughtful many of you are. Don't worry about the ones who look at your weight, think of the ones who are too busy talking to you and getting to know you to even notice!

    Wow, how cute are you! And so right, too. We all know there has to be a physical attraction as well as a mental/emotional attraction. Our eyes feed our mind. Some guys/gals just can't or won't see beyond that. That's no excuse to be rude, though. Sometimes people feel they can get away with saying rude things on line because you're not face to face.

    I've only tried this on line thing once before, but I was concerned because the profile didn't really specify size. I only emailed one guy and it fizzled out. So I didn't get that far. LOL! I decided to use BBW sites so I wouldn't have to worry about that again. I don't like feeling self conscious.
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    cindy i like you
  • View author's info posted on Jan 21, 2006 21:47

    I find that it's always better to get things out in the open to start off with.. Pics are a great idea I'm getting a new one soon myself.. It just saves what might other wise be wasted time on bouth parts.. I find that it's kinda akward on other sites that are not made for bbws.. I've actualy had guys on other sites and in chat ask me what dose bbw mean LoL..
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    I can agree with you "TallRupunzal" but I went out with a woman from this site and the picture she had posted was at least 25 old ! I think I went to lunch with her mother instead, I even think that her daughter posted her picture just so her mother could get a date. Now I'm hesitant, and even ask for a recent picture that is dated ! She was asking for the man to be "Honest" and not a "Liar" when she wasn't.
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    Thanks for all the good advice ya'll. I was having a particularly bad day when I posted this and was feeling a bit pessimistic. I do tend to feel this way sometimes but I don't let it deter me. I know eventually I'll find the one. Anything worth having doesn't come easily, right?
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    Its simple...Always make sure you have send a pic, or have one one your profile...I had a pleasant suprise last weekend...I met a guy and he said..." You dont look like your pic" and I was waiting for the........." You look bigger " and he didnt...He said.." YOu look younger" BLESS HIM!!!
    On a more serious..ish note...If he has seen your piccie, then he knows you are not twiggy, then there should be no excuse for anyone being embarrassed, or afraid, or anything like that....
    I always make sure anyone i meet is like the Scouts in the UK....BE PREPARED!! Hahahahahaha
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