How do you know when the men on here are for real! Romance

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    I an a lady with excess weight, so I thought this was the perfect meeting place. Not that I still dont. I am from west PA, where average weight is over weight. A few men have responded to my ad, but I have only met one. Once we met things went rather nicely. Until later that evening I received and email from him, stating that he didnt realize that "I was so fat". Im 5 ft 9 and wear a size 18. What is it that men are looking for at a bbw site? a size 6? Men Id really like to hear what you have to say. Ladies how have meeting gone for you?
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    It's not the size it's the heart & soul of the person anyway. Personally I do not like the name of the site. Im sorry you had a bad experience. Don't give up there are plenty of good people out there. Yes even in western PA, or even in Ohio ;)
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    Hmm I guess it goes back to what is a bbw? People see it differantly. I would not even consider you to be bbw, but then there are people that think bbw is just big busted women too. lol What it all comes down to is everyone one has there own taste, and yes some are very shallow ones. I have been reading many post and still have not figured out what is the definition of a bbw. All I know is I'm not a tooth pick and that is fine with me. I would rather be heathly then sick. Just forget about that shallow person and move on, you have to much to offer to worry about him. I wish you the best of luck in what your looking for.
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    I think that we all have different things that attract us to others. Size is a key component in dating and romance. I think both men and women are visual creatures who go with what visually appeals to us first rather than what a person has going on intellectually.

    Since I've gotten a bit older and wiser, I've learned that we all have different ideas on what dating means, whose the ideal mate, and so much more. There are stereotypes for all walks of life. I even have made some generalizations about men that I really shouldn't have, but we are all human after all.

    In figuring out whose real or not...well, even in real time it's hard to gauge whose sincere and whose not. I think the best way to get to know someone is by talking, but also listening to what they have to say. Both men and women can be players, so one needs to pay attention and not only follow their hearts but listen to your head.

    If he or she seems too good to be true, often times they are. There is no magic way to figure out whose best for you, but ask questions. Certain red flags go off in my head when the questions become too personal or they want your number so quickly but yet you can't have theirs.

    This is a pretty good site, but I've noted a few trollers along the way. Just stick to your guns and don't settle. Keep your standards high and your expectations low than you'll never be disappointed..much.
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    Wow. A bloke like this signs up for site that caters to larger ladies - And insults you for being size 18?


    But as for how to know the guys aren't exactly 100% accurate - These words are the clinchers (in the majority of cases) - No photos, and using the words: Married, Something Casual, Out for fun, and maybe mature (read: OLD).

    But then again, a lot of the blokes out there in the world wide interweb tend to be one-track minders, anyway.

    A relationship to them is what gets in the way of a good sex life.

    Present company excluded :)
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    BBW is such a general term. A BBW site is no different from any other site. You still have a variety of shapes, sizes and personalities. Just because a man or woman is on a BBW site doesn't mean they're looking for just anybody who fits that category. All men and women have certain preferences. The world can be a cruel place with its many categorizations. Many people feel the sting of society's prejudices. Don't let the world define who you are. Only you can do that.
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    LoneRoaster: I don't know if it a double-standard, but I do know that as a large-sized woman, a slim man gets into my "nooks and crannies" a lot easier. I don't feel like I am in a wrestling match when we get physical and I don't have to work as hard. But that's just me. But then again, I might just be saying this because my man is small and uses me as his playground. Whee!!!
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    I like what one lady said...."there are equal numbers of and female." Men aren't the only ones who play games. up front with what you want and are looking for. Some of us will respond in kind...I promise.
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    Well imo whether its male or female it takes time to learn about someone,and there motivation.Yes i think you are on the right site and as others have said pics would probably help.But this all just my .02 worth. Goodluck!
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    well i have met two men from this site. one came over twice, said he was in love with me and wanted to marry me. all of a sudden he feel off the face of the earth when my daughter came over and he saw that i had someone near me. i dont know if he thought he could use me for money or what. i really dont understand. saw that someone else commented on him but they would not let me see what she said.
    the other man, i found out was gay after dating him for about two years and driving four hours to see him each time. he then told me that he said upfront he didnt want a relationship. bull. he never said any such thing and not only that, then why was he on this dating line?
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    I've been on here for a long time and found that even those that claim they "happen to like BBW" feel free to treat us badly. I've had enough of lies about who and what they are, empty promises, false hope, etc. I honestly don't know why I even try anymore.
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    That guy was a HUGE loser. And, there are some nice guys out here/there. I'm sure Karma will bite him in the butt and some woman he is interested in will tell him he's too old, young, short, tall, stupid or ugly and he can take a hike!
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    Well I married my ex when she was 5'7 and 180lbs and I thought she ws built very nice...evev at 230 I remained attracted to her

    I think a full body picture in good lighting will go a long way towards weeding out people who arent serious --- if the site is based on a body type show it --- some women are larger than others and built differently as well

    Show your build to make it clear =)

    Above all, that guy was an idiot for even saying "fat"
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    mm ulook very romance softe women
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    i happen to like BBW

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  • View author's info posted on Feb 26, 2006 10:11

    I do not think a size 18 is fat, especially being that you're 5'9. I am 5'7 and a size 22, so I would love to be as small as you are. I, too, have talked to guys that think BBW stands for Big Breasted Women...just my luck, that's one of the smaller parts of my body, lol! Don't let that guy get you down. Keep your chin up! I've only been here a short time and there seem to be some great people here...more great people than ignorant ones, so enjoy yourself!

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  • View author's info posted on Feb 26, 2006 01:09

    3961 write:

    I hope there are some! I'm in Perth though, and all my friends tell me that the men in Perth We should maybe go for a night out in Dundee some time!! :) And don't worry, the right guy will come along for you!
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    Add a bloody photo then!
  • View author's info posted on Feb 23, 2006 11:00

    I don't know if men here are real or not since I have probably sent 80 email to men and gotten no responses from them.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 23, 2006 10:58

    I have had the same experience. I am a 16 Womens or an 18 womens. Men who like thin to average women tell me I am huge and men who like bbw tell me that I am too small for them. go figure...
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