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    Wow... was that ever a ride!

    How many of you were soooo certain you had finally found the soul-mate of your dreams... everything seems to be going just perfectly... then before you know it, the floor falls out from under you and your sitting at home by yourself again.

    Kinda puts a damper on letting yourself trust your own judgement.

    oh well... guess some of us were just meant to be single, eh?
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  • View author's info posted on Dec 18, 2005 14:29

    howdy Rockchick... *smile* i'm still around.. just jumped off the dating-go-round for a spell while trying to see if things were going to workout. I've net lots of great people from the net, and from this site.. have made some friends too... i've enjoyed myself.

    ... but you know. How many of us say that making new friends is just fine, and plenty? How many of us pretend that we are satisfied with what we have? How many of us busy ourselves with a multitude of activities and responsibilites just so that we dont have to think about the fact that we are 'partnerless'? Or worse... how many of us surround ourselves with friends, and the cup runneth over and ooooozzesss gushy hugs and kisses from those who say they will love us always, but when the rubber meets the road... your alone.

    Does being able to admit to oneself that you are 'lonely' mean that you are weak? Does it automatically make you a manic-depressant because you are not afraid to own the feelings that come along with being alone?

    Of course not.

    We wouldnt be normal if we didnt wish and dream for the fairy tale love of a lifetime. Most would be happy to settle for just being in love, forget the fairy tale. Does it baffle anyone else that there are soooo many single people in the world searching for the same thing... yet not finding them? Is it because the majority tries to hard to impress, or to be who they aren't because of the fear that who they are is not what others will want???? That alone is a recipe for disaster, because then the item for sale is truely unmarketable due to being a farce! So what has been gained?

    Absolutely nothing.

    Oh gosh.. lol... here I go again. I doubt there are many here who remember me on the forums... I tend to get on a roll and it runs away with me... lol. I'll try to control myself.

    Anyway... I figured I would throw some food for thought out there and stimulate some brain activity in those who have become complacent, and in those who are more vocal. Share some of your thoughts... dig deep and evaluate and try to separate the 'pat' or 'textbook' answer, and sift through the reply that society has fed to you. What do you really think and feel about the subject of dating, mating and falling in love, or being alone.
  • View author's info posted on Dec 15, 2005 06:33

    Actually Cathii, your jumping to conclusions and making incorrect assumptions.
    I'm sure your statement is true for some, but not for all. I do not recall saying that I met this person online. Nor am I "quick to be in love", as you stated. I'm actually quite the opposite. I'm very apprehensive and untrusting.
    While there are lots of quickie crash and burn stories out there where most of us would simply shake our heads and think "I told you so"... there are also those who tried very hard to do everything right over a long period of time.
    I knew this person for over 6 years. We became best friends... had a wonderful relationship. When it seemed right on both our parts to take things to the next level, it simply didnt remain right.
    It's hard to make a choice to take that next step with a friend, because you know you run the risk of ruining that friendship... thats why the 6 years. We were both so certain that we would make a great couple, not just friends.
    Well, long story short... I've lost a wonderful friend, as well. So Cathii, please... there are those people on here who have a bit more between their ears than the pc fuzz that collects in their fans. Heartache is heartache, no matter who's feeling it.
    Happy Surfing
  • View author's info posted on Dec 15, 2005 03:04

    Oh yeah.. I know this one..

    Except this was a 9 year ride!
    And aparantly the other party had booked out 7 years ago, just didn't bother to send a memo... and took the free ride anyway for the hell of it..
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