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    I'm going through the same thing at the moment, only there's also a 3rd person involved. It's quite a mess, and there are a lot of emotions going around, so I agree with everyone else. Hopefully both of us will find the courage to get rid of all the bad things. Best of luck to you.
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    I agree Promises. I've also been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.

    Unfortunately like vacations, relationships come with baggage... whether we want it or not. Although the trip may be over, the memories are still there, and it's going to make any "benefits" all the more painful.

    My advice Dove? Kick him to the curb... it will hurt for a bit, but you'll be better in the long run. And if you're going through a dry spell, try some of the recommendations in the "lusting for a man" posts on the romance forum. There's lots of good recommendations and laughs in the threads there!

    P.S... no more travel analogies---I promise!
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    I've been there. Basically, if you're still emotionally attached to the guy, you're just postponing the agony. My advice? Rip off the bandage and let him go. It hurts in the short term, but not as much as hanging on when your feelings aren't returned. You deserve the real thing, not playing house.
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    Hi Dove, I have to be honest and say, I have only learnt of this...friends with benefits since joining this site...We dont have these in the UK...But I have started looking at my male friends with new eyes!!!
    The way I see it is...You have been in a relationship with this guy, and now he wants out, but still wants to see you for the rumpy pumpy?
    I would think either...
    A)...The s*x is so good, he cant bear to go without it, he just dont want/need the hassle of a relationship at the moment?
    B) He wants out, and just wants the fringe benefits, and its his way of lettin ya down gently?
    Dove..You know the guy...I am sure you are intelligent enough to work it out...I know you feel a lot for him, but would you seriously be happy being used for a bit of the other, and then have him say night night?
    Did that make any sense at all???
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