What's Your Worst Dating Fiasco? DATING

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    All right.. We've all got them.. Skip the good, and even the just bad... What's your worst dating fiasco?

    I probably shouldn't admit this in public, but a few years back, mine ended up on the prime time news. I met a guy who was a friend of a friend and had a couple fantastic whirlwind romance dates. He seemed like a normal honest guy, with a good job who worked as a correctional officer at a local prison. Long story short he didn't show up for a date one night. Thinking I had been stood up, I hit the bar with the girls to drink away the pain. Anyway a few hours later at the bar, the music was turned down suddenly to see a big breaking story on the TV news.

    Who should it be, but my missing date being taken away in handcuffs on the evening news. He had missed our date because he was being arrested for helping (female) prisoners escape and masterminding an interstate theft ring that they pulled off for him. He even had the nerve to call me and ask for bail!

    So what's your worst story!
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    Ok..I can top these!!! lol More like scariest date...back when I lived in America, was working at Blockbuster Video part time while I was at university. Nice looking guy comes in and starts chatting me up. Decided to go on a date, he lived near me, so just went to the coffee shop to listen to a band that was on. (Now, I was young here, only 18, this was my first date, so excuse the stupidity!!!) He only lived around the corner...asked me if I wanted to go back to his place and listen to some music (he lived with his parents and said that they were home) so I said yes...needless to say, parents weren't home, he had those big metal security doors, he locked them all, and basically said that if I didn't do something for him, he'd force me...not the best first date scenario! Needless to say that when I finally escaped, I phoned the police!
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    I work in a mall and across from my store is a GNC store. The manager had his eye on my I suppose because he asked me out. I agreed, what could it hurt? I was 21 and he was 33. WRONG IDEA!

    It was all about him at dinner. He talked and talked and talked. Told me he pretty much had kids to keep his ex wife happy and that he wanted to live a bachelors life.

    At the movie his cell phone kept ringing, which he didn't have on vibrate, and all he wanted to do was act like kids and try to make out with me.

    Then as we were getting ready to go our seperate ways he decides to stick his toung down my throat in the middle of the parking lot.

    He then wanted me to go with him to get a tattoo. I told him I had other plans.

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    OK....One of the worst, coz there are more than one! was when i first started using the internet, and was niave and innocent...Dont snigger!!
    I had been talking to a guy on line, and then on the phone, and we decided to meet halfway between us..I booked the hotel..separate rooms, and we met at the station.
    It was obvious we were not really gonna click, but I thought we had both travelled a long way, so I would make the most of it.
    We had a nice meal, but he chose the cheapest thing on the menu, then had left his wallet at the hotel, yeah right!
    He was very touchy feely for a first date, and I was feeling very uncomfortable by the time we got back to the hotel, and I just wanted to get away from him!!
    Turns out he had cancelled my separate rooms booking, and replaced it with a double room!!!!!
    Was too late to get a train home, so I smiled sweetly and said I will take the sofa...and the git let me!
    I slept in my jamas and socks and cardigan and coat on...just in case!!
    I can laugh now, but at the time I was sooooo mad!
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    The worst date I ever had was when the guy arrived and hopped out through the car window since the door didn't open...then he wanted a doggie bag for his steak bone so he could take it home to his dog..lol...
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    When I look back on it yes it was pretty funny. But at the time I was so ready to turn into a cat and tear his eyes out.
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    My worse date would have to be the one where the last thing I saw of him was his tail lights. I meet him on another site and we talked for over three months before he invited me to a Angels game. I got all dressed up ok not really just some jeans and shirt and did my hair. The game was pretty sad seeing how the Angels lost with bases loaded and they only needed on run, but that's not the point of the story. After the game we got in the car and decided to wait until the parking cleared a little to get pull out and find somewhere to eat. We ended up making out but he ruined it when he wouldn't stop asking if I wanted to go to a hotel. Then to make matters worse he did the one thing you most men know not to do...he started to pull on my hair. Yes it was a piece because that was easier then actually curling my hair and it stays longer. Thank God it was dark enough for me to put it back on before he really noticed what happened. After that I had to keep on hand on my head just so he wouldn't end up with a hand full of hair. By the time he dropped me off I was ready to kick him because my head now looked like a rats nest almost and I had to get into the light to get to my front door. As he jumped in his car and said he would call me I was reminding myself to turn off my phone. He never did call and I never had to turn off my phone but that date should never had happened.
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    The 2000y2k bunker sounds a bit frigtening Drmcatcher... I would have made a run for it too!!!!!!

    A friend of mine had her worst dating fiasco at her own bachelorette party. As all good girlfriends do, we arranged a stripper for the big affair. It turned out by coincidence that the stripper we hired was the last man that our bride to be had slept with (prior to her fiance). We still had a great time..... we just didn't share the details with the groom to be if you catch my drift!
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    absolute worst one... 20 years ago. I was 17. A "friend" set me up on a blind date with her sweetie's friend. The guy was 31 and didn't seem to know what soap was for. The friend, and I'm using that term loosely, gave him my phone number! He called for 8 months. 20 years and I still shudder.
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    Okay but I warned Yah. Years ago (and I do mean years) when I was in the Navy we were dry docked in Boston,Mass for 3 months. One of my best friends met this girl from Trinidad and asked her out. She only agreed to go out with him if he got a date for her friend. With some coaxing and being the friend that I am I agreed to go on a blind double date. Well just my luck, this was the kind of girl that NEEDED a blind date. And to top it off she was DEEVAH(diva). You would think you were standing in the presence of royalty. Well we went to the comedy club and despite her constant chastsing I LMAO.
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    It doesn't need to be things you've done, Big... Just someone you've gone out with. For example in "Must Love Dogs" when Diane Lane meets someone she met online (without exchanging photos with prior) and ends up meeting her own father for a date.

    We've all got at least one weirdo hiding in our "past dates" closet... Who's yours??
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    LOL Can't tell those stories. I want you ladies to like me. LOL

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