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    I don't know which is more offensive
    chubby chaser or fat admirer
    I guess it's just my problem
    does anyone else feel like I do ?

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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 29, 2005 at 10:46 AM

    I know fat admirer is a frequently used term, but I think it might send the wrong message... that the admiring is focused towards the fat itself, and not looking beyond size to see the person.

    I know its fuzzy and the border between loving everything about someone who is big or being into fat as a fetish can get complicated. Im not partial to tags because I dont think we should isolate ourselves as being different from somebody who doesnt need a tag. I know size acceptance is not for everyone and definitely not for society as a whole, so I have used ssbbw when communicating online. I have had people get mad that I misrepresented myself because I didnt have a warning as to my size before they wasted their time to IM me. And even if its semi degrading to have to put up fat_chick or bbw_cutie in order to keep people from wasting their time getting to know you first and get that shock.. its much better then having someone be nice to you and you start to like each other for the person they are..then to get a smack in the face when they say, oh I didnt know you were fat, later. I know Ive probably gotten off topic but all tags bring up that type of idea to me. Its all degrading and offensive and with the world we live in we have to have our own website and a separate forum. And honestly we are aiding the separation by posting here. However, like I said its just the world we live in. Human beings need acceptance, and if you have to isolate yourselves to get it, you do [isolate yourself].

    But yeah, Ive rambled enough! Hopefully anyone bothering to read it can understand what I said because I tend to think in a choppy manner. If you disagree with what I said about anything Im not looking for an argument Im just putting my thoughts out there, so feel free to disagree and post your thoughts but please dont attack me! Im fragile :P lol. and i have an attack kitty! RAWR

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