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    All you need to be a member of team Clio is to be yourself :-) But one day, a man might come to your door and ask for a favour. You WILL do as he says.
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    Oh Theo, I want to be an associate too -- is there an application I need to fill out, write an essay on why I would be a loyal associate, give blood, my first born???
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    poohrulz_11 write:
    i see that yous all say that the forum is slowing down... it does seem really slow.. seems like all the same people use it... i have tried to post some and no one replies... maybe everyone should be more welcoming.....

    Wow, which forums have you been posting to? Actually right now has been a bad time since everything has slowed considerably. However, the people seem to be making a slow come back and there are always new people coming in to greet & meet. It's nice to meet you. I'm Aijin. ^_^
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    TallRapunzel write:
    Welcome back Aijin! Where you been girl? Come by the chat room and say hey when you get a chance

    I have been entangled in real life, among other things. LIfe is good! Where is the chat now? Last time I heard the chat had been dismantled. Please email me a link. I'll stop by and say hi sometime!
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    Welcome back Aijin. Hope while you were gone you were having a good time.

    Theo you are right on occasion we do dicuss the LF boards. You know did you see the post under dating and such like that. Mostly to let someone know of an interesting post, annoyin post, or drama post. But it is nothing bad I don't think. Well I am glad you enjoy your enemies but you do have a following too.
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    It's all because I haven't been around! MWUAHAHA! No, not really. *LMAO* HI!!! I'm back...Been a while. What up folks?!

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    Less so now, but initially it was undeniable that the chatrooms contributed to cliquishness. It's unavoidable too, simply because you've got this set of forums and some of the members here go off and post on their own forum, so they know each other better and, naturally, feel closer to the ones they know.

    As for the content of what's discussed, I'm sure the discussions are varied but I have heard reports from people who DO frequent the chatrooms that what goes on here does get discussed.

    All of this is unavoidable. I don't have a problem with the chatrooms existing but at the same time there's nothing wrong with realising that their existence has a knock-on effect.

    As I said before, I'm not really on here to make friends. My profile's up and I just use this place to write a little, antagonise a few people and generally amuse myself. Despite this, I don't seem to have any problems attracting people who want to talk to me as a result of the stuff I say here.

    So thanks for the offer and the advice but I'm quite happy as I am. Thanks :-) But I like the idea that I'm making enemies... that sounds like fun.
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    Yo !

    Guys, please chill!... i like you both, and to read this thread makes me put down the Margarita and get to the keyboard and tap, tap, tap..

    The beauty of this forum is that we all can express our opinions, that's cool, but please take it easy, don't start unnecessary friction (of the wrong kind, if you know what i Said that, please now kiss and make up.. make Love NOT War.
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    I think you are as much of a problem as I am Kew. You continuously pop up in threads frequently posted by new people and judge people. Either offering your usual passive-aggressively phrased "advice" or just flat out dumping on people.

    You've also contributed massively to the cliqueishness of these boards by partaking of and creating the various chatrooms which have caused nothing but trouble and resentment as they breed unpleasantness.

    I have a forceful personality, I don't deny that but you're exhibitng why you're as much (if not more) or a problem poster with the tone and content you've just addressed to me.
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    Any singles site is going to have membership churn, probably more than any other kind of site.

    Evidently we've reached a point where a number of high-posting regulars have moved away and there's a lull before new people arrive and take their place.

    I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that we all hate each other :-D that's limited to a few threads here and there.
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    Lets hope it will pick back up again. I am sure it will. These things cycle i guess
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