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    Hi...Some valid points there Mr GW.
    I'd just like to say that I wasn't whingeing about getting the winks.....I like getting winks....REALLY!
    I'd only hidden my profile because i was seeing somebody, not because I was tired of receiving winks.
    But, it's much more flattering to know that someone has taken the trouble to read my profile, and likes what they see, than to just wink at random.
    Have a nice day :o) xx
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    kewannap write:
    Unfortunately, I do not think most guys even bother reading profiles. I think the scan the pics and then start winking. Which is a shame.... they might be passing up on the one special woman.

    You did say 'winking' didn't you Kew?? lol
    Unfortunately, this is true.
    I hid my profile a few weeks back, and yet I'm still getting winks. I hadn't realised that you could still wink someone with a hidden profile...apparently you can do it straight from the forum. Live & learn...
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    Hey Sinful,
    Just browsed your profile, its a good one, you have made clear what you are looking for, my only suggestion would be to add your request for men with photo's on the end of the piece about what you are looking for. Also add in again that married men need not apply, if any guys take offence at it, then they aren't worth bothering with.
    Best of luck with your search, not that I think you will need it.
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    before i took myself off the dating market i had no attatched men please as i don't paddle in other people's ponds in my profile lol. not that it stopped them mailing me, often they just don't read profiles properly or must think that they're so fantastic we'll go for it anyway.
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