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    ok well not 20 but a few... new to this site and really dating alltogether so looking for some help

    1. does this site work?

    2. ok i found 1 profile of a girl that is like very different from me but, opposites attract right? anyway she is wiccan and i'm catholic, would that cause too much trouble if i were to meet her?

    3. do i have to pay to be able to use this site best?

    4. i'm a big guy and no female has ever taken any interest in me... i often doubt someone is out there

    5. i know i am "only 20" to some people, but i feel so alone and many of my firends have been dating and in relationships for a long time. why have i not met anyone... i just feel so awkward when they have their girlfriends over... i am the 3rd or 5th wheel... and... their GF calls like 20 times a day, and every time it makes me remember how alone i am

    6. i've never dated or had s'ex or anything. but like i would like to get married and have kids some day... will my inexperience with relationships be a bad thing?

    7. do good things really come to those who wait?

    8. how can i just break out of my shy mold and be an interesting person?

    9. what is romantic to do on a date?
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    You younger folks are doing well answering the questions. My 2 cents is I'm 35 and still looking so keep your head up.
  • View author's info posted on Sep 25, 2005 06:44

    thanks evweryone, i already feel better and like i have some friends in the single world : )

    i paid for a membership... i think the plan now is to work on getting a picture up by next weekend and find some profiles to pursue further

    anyway take care everyone and good luck with your own dating lives!
  • View author's info posted on Sep 25, 2005 05:13

    1. Yes this site does work even though I haven't found "the one" yet I have found some very interesting people and have made some life long friends.

    2. Religion shouldn't be a big problem, it is an obstical the gets overcome very day in relationships.

    3. The only good thing about paying is that you can email someone who you find interesting. It also had the beneft of letting you see who has viewed your profile or sent you winks.

    4. I'm one for cliches
    "don't judge a book by its cover". I don't have a problem with a person's size.

    5. I'm only 21! and in the same situation as you are. All my friends are in relationships but I've made myself realize that it'll be my time soon and this "alone time" will help me find peace within myself.

    6. I agree with Jessica on that. Doesn't matter how inexpericanced you are, with the right person you will know exactly what to do without thinking about it.

    7. That's true! Your wait will be rewarded in time.

    8. You may think to yourself that you are shy but to someone else you might be the most interesting person they have met, so that's a difficult one to answer.

    9. The best romantic thing is to be yourself and let everything on the date happen naturally.

    Hope some of this helped and made any sense!
  • View author's info posted on Sep 24, 2005 14:56

    I'll give it a try:
    1. I've heard that it's been successful for some people, in fact two wonderful people just started a relationship a few weeks ago via this site. So, for some 'yes' but for others 'no'. But that is for a variety of reasons- such as they don't put much work into their profile, are too shy to pursue anyone, etc.
    2. In my experience, when two people have two very different religions, it is difficult to mesh those together, especially if they are strong believers in their chosen faith or spiritual path because religions greatly effect values and morals. But you never know!
    3. Paying is usually the best method to get the best results, but it's not completly necesary. Sometimes you can even get around being a paying member, but it is very helpful other times.
    4. I'm not sure what your question is, but know that you've come to the right place! And it's most important to be happy with yourself, before you can find someone who can be happy with you.
    5.I'm "only 19" so I know exactly how you feel!
    6. I don't think so. It is my belief (or perhaps hope) that when you find the right person, you don't need to rely on experience, you can rely on love.
    7. I've been told they do, and I'm hoping it's true!
    8. I don't think you can "become an interesting person", I think you're just interesting to different people.
    9. Romantic? Bringing flowers, opening doors, pulling out chairs, doing an equal amount of talking, worrying less about having the perfect date and just enjoying yourself and letting the chips fall where they may.

    Best of luck!
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