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    Listen... the purpose of these forums is to express your comments, opinions or viewpoints on the subject topic or the comments posted. You will not read a post the same way I will and I will not read a post the same way you do. But it is your right and it is my right to post our comments however we see fit. If I don't like your comments, so be it.... if you don't like mine, so be it. I am not the first one, nor will I be the last one, to state that I thought someone in here was being mean or hateful. It is my perception... not yours. If you don't think so, state that you don't think so. It does not hurt my feelings in the least for someone to disagree with me. I have lived a lot of life and I have pretty thick skin so you are not going to hurt my feelings if you disagree with me. I have posted (and will continue to do so) my viewpoints and I don't back down from them. But you don't have to agree with me. That's the beauty of this thing. How boring would it be if we were all the same? The people who truly know me in here know my heart and they know I am not a mean person, nor do I attack unnecessarily. And I do not believe I have ever "attacked" anyone in here... I have stayed how they come across to me but that is not an attack. I think that sometimes people get on a roll and they just need to lighten up. I have no ill will against anyone in here. I am just a very outspoken person... I speak my mind whether or not anyone else agrees with it. I apologize if I have offended anyone, but I will not apologize for stating my opinions. Thank you and have a wonderful day!
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  • View author's info Posted on Oct 04, 2005 at 12:31 AM

    hi sweetie52 maybe we should convert this over to voice seems every thing is else is going audio then we would know the tone lol. yes it is sometime hard to read something i tend to read what is not there and go off in the wrong direction. keep up the good work ladies
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 21, 2005 at 07:39 AM

    Very well said Treasure. You know... we have ALL said something at one time or another that set someone off. And I am not the first one to say that I thought someone was being mean or hateful or harsh or whatever.... and I will not be the last. Just because you tell someone that you think their words are hateful does not in any way mean that you are calling the PERSON hateful... those are two different things. I can separate the two... I just wish others could too. I could really care less if anyone on this site agrees with me or disagrees with me... whether they think I am nice or mean.... because I know the truth and I have never lived my life based on someone else's opinion of me. I am a very strong personality and I am not afraid to state my opinions... because like musicnut46 said.... we ALL matter!

    P.S.: We need ALL kinds in here. We need the Theo's... most of the time he is hilarious.... but you know you are gonna get it straight up from him... and I can respect that. But we cannot all be nice and sweet.... Variety is the spice of life AND these forums! I personally thank God for each type of personality represented in the forums... because each person is important!
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    Treasure05 write:
    I have a profound distaste for the idea we should all be "nice" to each other here. That is a child's craving for what should have been. But just wasn't.

    Treasure, you are very insightful. I was raised to be what I call a 'people pleaser'. It has caused me many heartaches in my life... it caused me to feel that I didn't have the right to disagree, state my opinion or just be what came naturally for me to be. All this, I feel, contributed to the continual weight gain. I have chosen to believe that my opinion are just that... MY opinions and they are valid and worthy to be heard at times. That it's ok to disagree... even with ME. ANd that I'm ok... the direction I'm going in my life is the right direction for me... but probably not for everyone. I just wish I had learned this when I was younger. It probably would have kept me out of relationships that weren't right for me and friendships that were destructive. But I choose to learn from it all and move forward.

    Agree or disagree... go for it, but DO NOT act like I don't matter.
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 19, 2005 at 12:11 AM

    I think with no tone of voice it's hard to tell how something is meant to be taken, to take things the wrong way, maybe to take offense were none was meant. I don't think any of us means to offend anyone, it's just that its so easy to take the written word the wrong way. Read it with the wrong tone of voice going through our head. Does that make any sense ? lol I think most of us enjoy the forums, having a place to debate issues or just put down our feelings or the thoughts in our heads, or just to get to know each other better or get to get some support if we need it, or maybe just to vent. We seem to be a passionate group, with strong opinions on some issues, and that can make for a lively debate, maybe that's why things seem to get a bit out of hand sometimes. But it all seems to get straightened out and every becomes friends which is the nice thing about this group of people.
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 18, 2005 at 05:06 PM

    Ok, I second, third, or fourth those comments!! There are those who are a little judgement for my tastes, but who am I to judge them in return. The forums are meant to invooke conversations....I'd say they are meeting their goal.

  • View author's info Posted on Sep 18, 2005 at 01:34 PM

    One of my favorite statements to people is "Let's just agree to disagree". Would be a very dull world if we were all alike.
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 18, 2005 at 12:41 PM

    I need to second that Shuiey. We all have the right to our opinions that is what makes the forums interesting. If we all just nodded our heads in agreement all the time it would be pretty boring and not really honest. Sometimes I think we can take others opinions too personally but in the end the only opinion that should matter is your own. So keep posting folks and if you agree or disagree don't be afraid to state your opinion. But keep in mind we all have feelings and some common courtesy is expected. Just my two cents, you can agree or not, I really don't care. lol/
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    Good for you Kew. I agree, we are all entitled to our own opinions.
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 18, 2005 at 11:15 AM

    Well said Kew.
    You put it so much better than i did in "Sick of this website", on this forum.
    I too don't mean to offend anyone and if i have i'm truely sorry, but as Kew has said, we all read things differently.

    Best Wishes to all.
    Shuie x
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