Makes my blood boil.............. Romance

  • View author's info Author posted on Sep 15, 2005 07:48

    It makes me really cross when fella's out there put "must have big ti ts" or something similar when they are saying what they are looking for in a woman!
    Is that all we are to you men-a pair of bo obs????
    Should we woman start putting "must be hung like a donkey"???
    No, cos we care more about personality and honesty and important things like that than the size of your manhood!

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  • View author's info posted on Jan 07, 2006 14:59

    that's good. brings to mind a saying i saw the other day - save a horse ride a cowboy!! lol

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  • View author's info posted on Jan 07, 2006 10:28

    stoodybayker write:
    Personally, I think that the guys that are asking if you have big t**s are doing you a favor...kind of like hanging an "idiot" sign on their chests, and saving you soooo much time!

    I so agree> It's hard enough sorting through some of the profiles (some could be best sellers) on here, and sites like this one. So any help is fab. Thank you for being so shallow (some men), it takes me much less time to sort out who I want to contact
  • View author's info posted on Jan 06, 2006 18:24

    Stoodybayker is SOOOO VERY RIGHT!! Those gentleman are just begging to be ignored....

    Give 'em what they want, ladies!!!
  • View author's info posted on Jan 06, 2006 11:43

    Hi all, first time in this place, and I apologize for not having my pic up, it will though be up shortly........regarding the comment of when people (men) specifically ask for big headlights, etc. Although I don't agree that this is "acceptable" you have to give them guys snaps for being you all know, you can be anyone you want on the web, and usually when u run into "monkey's who would love to be hung like a horse" you can either block/delete them or give them a taste of their own medicine and ask them politely if their "hungs" weigh about the same size as our ample headlights.........perhaps, we as women should be just as straightforward.......just a thought!
  • View author's info posted on Jan 04, 2006 18:52

    Every one here has some great points, and I too would like to see Pittsburgh After Dark in a nightie.

    Fellas, we ladies do want guys to find us attractive, and to like our b@@bs and other features, however unless both you and the girl are just looking for s @x, then commenting on these features is probably not the best way to open the door to a conversation.

    You don't have to be Casanova, just show a little more class that attempting to meet someone with an opening line (or e-mail, or IM) that starts with something like "nice t @ts. It'll get you a lot better response, and who knows... you might even earn a chance to check them out in person!
  • View author's info posted on Jan 04, 2006 08:22

    Hello people,now we can all be more realistic then this,huh? I mean we all have the same likes and dislikes,part of it has to do with respect,there are some things you just don't ask a woman,unless your looking for a booty call.We are all visual creatures,men like to look and women also.we just look at different parts than the others,men well you know we look at the chest and on down,but it still all depends on what our personal likes are.Me,well I look at a woman's face,I look in her eyes and I can see what she really feels,an expression says a lot about what your thinking.

    When I approach a woman I look at her face to see how she perceives me.Does she have a happy look,a sad look,an Ummm,interesting look,a disgusting look,it says a lot.the rest come later.I always feel if I like you then I know I will like the rest.put it all in perspective

    Eddie B.
  • View author's info posted on Jan 03, 2006 01:30

    To be honest the way a man veiws a woman will probably always be different to the way a woman veiws a man BUT it is also proven that a woman needs an emotional attatchment to a man before she can be properly attracted to a man whereas well you know men can see a pair of b**bs and get excited.
    Well that is my opinion.
    I think if you spend your whole life looking for a man that is perfect in every way you will have a long wait lovey! A good friend of mine once said to me "don't judge so much you can't love" it's true. If you talk to a man for ages without seeing his face you could completely fall in love with his personality if it was right, and then if you met him and he was the perfect oil painting you would not have him. I think it's wrong personally.
    Abbie x

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  • View author's info posted on Jan 02, 2006 21:51

    Ok, Pittsburghafterdark, lets see your low cut nightie shot! lol
    And I think a better anology than the "donkey" one would be "must have 6+ figure income". One more reason I don't like skinny women. they seem to be more hung up on materialistic goals. I admit, i'm a dog (not a pig, because I AM a gentleman). And I admit, I don't just randomly talk to people, they catch my eye first. wether it's red hair, a smile, or yes, a full figure.

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  • View author's info posted on Jan 02, 2006 02:07

    well its not a shocker that men r physical and woman r emotional so y do we have people that r still surprised when they see male profiles that say ugly woman need not apply!! i my self love Latinas with hips and a nice behind. is it wrong to like thous features? should i repent? i look at a profile and can make up my mind weather or not I'm going to view that person's profile by their pic's. I'm a very physical man!! i see big breast or a big behind and say... i like or i see small breast and small behind and say ewe to skinny!! i will never let my self feel guilty for loving a woman's body.......its gods masterpiece!! but I'm also not making a excuse for thous perverts!!!
  • View author's info posted on Dec 31, 2005 03:00

    I just want to say you make really good points. But what really stood out to me is that you want to want your partner in EVERY way.

    I think that's the point.

    I want a man to love my intelligence and humor and mind, but I also want him to LUST after my body. I need him to find me physically attractive and I need to find him physically attractive as well. (I must add here, however, that looks doesn't equal attractiveness...I think those are two different things. I've known a lot of very good-looking men in my life and most of them I didn't want to have sex with).

    But I DO think that men (or women) who are just looking for a body part are indeed shallow and are probably acting on a fetish. I don't want to be the recipient of that. I'm more than a pair of b00bs.

    I want him to LOVE my b00bs...don't get me wrong...

    Now, if the guy is just looking for a booty call, then fine...whatever. Be honest about it. But if he says he's looking for a, he's not. What if he was in a long-term with someone who got breast cancer and had to have a breast removed or had her breast disfigured by radiation treatment? Would that be the end of the relationship? If so, that would be his right, but I would also reserve my right to think he lacks the humanity to be a full person.

    I want it all too. I want to love being with him, talking to him, caring for him, and ripping his clothes off and attacking him. And I won't accept less in return.
  • View author's info posted on Dec 30, 2005 03:38

    I hope, I won't make myself too unpopular now but I'll just take that risk.. ;)

    I absolutly go by looks, if it comes to "picking" a partner.
    If I think a man is not attractive at all then he will never be more than a friend.
    I do not mind a few pounds extra (or even a few pounds more than that) but generally I am not drawn towards large men. To tell the truth normally I think men that are almost skinny are attractive.
    I think I have the right to be picky BUT I think everybody has that right. Everybody has his/her preferences, why hide them or pretend they're not there?

    Beauty is in every person on earth in some way or the other. Sometimes it's a body part, sometimes it's the way a person moves or laughs or the sparkle in their eyes.. There are so many things you can think of as attractive..
    But most things have one thing in common: they have something to do with the physical appearance.
    I do not go to bed with personality and I do not wake up next to charm.
    A great personality is just that: GREAT, but for a fullfilling relationship I need more than that.
    I have to want my partner in every way!
    And I have to be wanted the same way, body and mind. I'm a package, you can't just pick out the parts you like.

    I've been told a couple of times by men they could fall in love in love with me, if I wasn't over weight.
    Of course that made me feel bad somehow, but it was honest. And it was honest in the same way I am!
    Everybody deep, deep at the bottom of their heart is looking for THE perfect partner. We may compromise or even change our minds when it comes to certain things but still we have some sort of blurry picture in out mind that we are trying to find.

    If somebody is just looking for s*x, of course it's "just" the body that counts!

    We feel better, if we know how a person looks. It makes the person more real.
    I like to see pictures because then I can be honest and open. There is nothing worse than talking to a person for a long time and that person has deep feelings for you and then you see him/her and they're just not what you were looking for..
    Maybe that makes me superficial but at least I admitt to be so and do not hide behind the "Oh, but true beauty comes from the inside"-mask like so many other people.

    Men tend to say what exactly they are looking for. Can't blame them for it.
    Most women don't say what they want.
    Of course it is rude and disrespectfull to start a conversation with "Hi, how big are your t*ts?".
    That reduces a human being to a pile of meat.
    I do not approach others like that and I do not want to be approached like that!
    Sometimes after telling a person how bad mannered it was, you can have a wonderful conversation.
    Sometimes wonders do happen.. ;)

    And to all the nice guys out there:

    Sometimes the problem with nice guys is: you do not hear or see them!
    A woman wants to be won, most of them want emotions, reactions, something that stays in mind and heart.
    How can I get to know somebody, if that person never opens their mouth?
    Being too carefull can get you killed too and you miss so many chances! (And so do we women!!)

    Well, I hope I didn't miss the topic too much...
    (And please don't be too hard if I used a wrong word. English is just not my native tongue..)

    Best wishes

  • View author's info posted on Dec 29, 2005 19:46

    The immense IMMATURITY one finds from VERY GROWN MEN is astounding, isn't it? It's enough to make a girl throw up her hands. But I have folks telling me just wait, don't give up. I know it's true, but it's a bit disheartening when you are inundated with nonsense constantly, although my experience so far here has not been as bad as other sites....

    That's encouraging!!

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  • View author's info posted on Dec 29, 2005 02:47

    I dont know, I personally dont get offended with a man because he's asking for what he wants lol Thank goodness for the Red Blooded Male. As long as he respects my VETO power, we will get along just fine! Rock ON Red Blooded Men Everywhere! lol
  • View author's info posted on Dec 23, 2005 14:18

    Way to go Mark....Nice to see an honest opinion!
    Yes, some men are pigs...but, not all women are angels either??
    Personally...It doesnt bother me if a guy asks about t*ts, men are so much more visual than women are?
    If a guy can make me smile, make me laugh, make me think ....then I dont mind at all if my t*ts make him smile!!!
    We are all human, have different tastes, different opinions,and different approaches to life..and at the end of the day...There is always the block and the delete buttons on all our keyboards?
  • View author's info posted on Dec 19, 2005 18:58

    I prefer people who are honest about what they want physically as well as in any other way. Many men are attracted to big b**bs. I don't know any women who would like someone hung like a donkey except in fantasy...OUCH! Maybe that's why you don't see it in posts :)
  • View author's info posted on Dec 03, 2005 13:24

    well said be sweet and very very true.
  • View author's info posted on Dec 02, 2005 07:21

    Interesting thread but surely asking for a woman with big t*ts is no different to asking for a BBW. Before you all shoot me down in flames I am a big girl but I would hate to think that someone only wanted me for my size, I am so much more than just big and if big t*t ads offend then just ignore them, unfortunately some men just can't think of anything else.
  • View author's info posted on Dec 01, 2005 22:08

    spoken like a true gentleman, see there still a few good men left.
  • View author's info posted on Nov 16, 2005 07:34

    Well hello every body,Wooooo mercy yall got it going here.Kazza your right,it is in bad taste to focus on one aspect of a woman's anatomy and not realy care about her as a person,but then on the other hand you know by what they ask for that they are shallow and just like not wanting to watch a tv program you can just choose not to least thay are letting every one know what kind of a person they are( a no brainer).I on the other hand like them in all sizes,and I do mean all sizes,to me it's the woman behind the bra that makes me excited.If i'm excited by you then i'm excited about what you got,it all goes with the teritory.I'm likeing you not your bra size.keeping it real,
    Eddie B.
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