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    It was like most Saturdays. Josh lingered in bed until the pups came in and whined for their walk in the park. He enjoyed it almost as much as they and smiled at their intent looks and wagging tails.
    They all trundled into the pickup and he made sure to hit the switch to roll down the passenger side window half way so they could do what dogs had done since the Model T, braving wind and weather to proclaim that they looked forward to and were ready for all adventure.
    The minutes passed quickly for him but not the dogs. They wanted to be there now and they paced and whined the entire trip, bouncing between front and back seats, despite his gentle admonishments.
    Arriving, he rolled the windows up and grabbed the leashes. He carried them more frequently than using them. If children were nearby, he would leash the dogs until they were past them so that the pups would not inadvertently knock down or frighten a toddler with a drive-by kiss. Dogs deserved the freedom to run and play and explore.
    Today, Josh decided to walk the tracks. It was longer and he needed the exercise. In minutes, they reached them, but not before his companions had played the first of many games of chase. The younger of the two dogs surprised him and did not let his female companion catch him. Normally he did. The day promised to be interesting.
    After fifteen minutes walking west on the tracks, they reached a small line of cars that Burlington Northern had temporarily stashed. Three tank cars, two open cars, and four empty boxcars, doors open, had been positioned on the siding until they were needed.
    Watching the dogs chase a rabbit, he almost didn?t hear her approach. A foot shorter than he, perhaps 5?2?, she wore the designer sweats that marked her as a resident of the affluent development on the bluff above the tracks. Although still early in the morning, she already appeared to have a bloody mary or two in her. She was walking a poodle, probably a show dog.
    His male pup promptly said hello and started to hump it, much to his chagrin. He pulled his mongrel off the poodle and apologized.
    ?Don?t worry, at least one of us should get some today. God knows my worthless husband isn?t giving me any!? she blurted.
    Not sure what to say, Josh smiled and started to turn, only to have her grab him by the wrist and surprisingly, spin him back towards her. Before he knew it, she was holding him with an unnatural intensity and kissing him, driving her tongue into his mouth.
    ?I need it, I need it here and now,? she gasped. ?Please, do me!?
    Josh couldn?t help but be aroused. Quickly, he lifter her into a nearby car and hopped up himself. Leaving the door open a crack, he pulled her sweats off while she opened his shirt. Unbuckling his jeans, he lifted her onto him and took her standing, alternating his rhythm and kissing her hard and deep. She spasmed and shuddered as her climax ripped through her. He emptied his jism into her and then went to his knees, still holding her. Easing both of them to the floor, he caught his breath, with the woman resting against his chest.
    ?Thank you,? she said, ?You don?t know how much I needed that.?
    ?Thank you,? he replied.
    Listening, he realized his pup was also lovong up the poodle. They both laughed. ?I can do one better than that,? she said, and took his rising organ in her mouth?
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    Congratulations aslan....they wouldn't even let me type the word s'h'a'v'e!!!!!!

    How did you get that past the censor?
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