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    Girls any size can always find someone? Wow, but that's so not in touch with reality. I understand where you're coming from, and why.. but, wow. I can't even begin to respond to that.
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    I was reading the post in this forum and I have come to a revelation that is disgusting to me. Us BIG guys are the "bad" aspeck of society. You can look around and see it everywhere. Bigger women or BBWs that dont get this think about it. When you go out how many times do you see a big girls with some little guy and then look over and see the big guy by himself. Us guys have had to face the ugly truth for years that no matter how much everyone says its all about personality it is more about looks no matter what anyone says. We just get the shaft everytime. We are the ones who have to keep proving ourselves over and over again because we are bigger or face the ridicule that comes with it. We have no following of women that say they want a big, we have no chance over the cookie cutter image of what guys are suppost to be. And if you think that it is not ture for guys you are dead wrong. Guys are suppost to fit that mold of the Muscular, Tall, Tan, Geled hair, frat do ahole type or we are passed over everytime. The fact is that big guys are forced to accept the role of the "friend" or the clown because that is all we have. It really makes me sick to have this revelation but it is there no matter what, because in a nut shell we big guys dont have a chance with any girl but girls no matter what size can find someone. Its not fair but its the way it is.
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    Ahh Theo to bad you arent' here we would have so much fun.I think I could match your whole package.LOL

    On the other had. I find that people who share my most annoying habits/personality traits I tend to dislike. I suppose because they are the qualities I dislike about my self, although size isn't one of them.
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    WOW!!! I do find this very interesting, i found what theo said to be for the most part true,most of the women that i have made an effort to date ,that are bbw's just look down on me, i have had some tell me .(your to big for me).it makes me wonder if anyone has said that to them. i have seen these same women get used by men often , maybe it's just the person?
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    Hi... I have to agree with some of the others. Personality really makes the person. My sister accused me once of only liking skinny men and that I needed basically open my eyes that not all men will like me for my size. Or at least that is how I took it. She was only basing that statement on the man I thought I loved right then. I didn't even like him till I had gotten to know him. I had always thought he was a jerk. Turned out in some ways he was, but I still fell for what I thought was on in the inside.

    Ten years has passed now and I have dated a few men since then. Some have been larger some have been skinny. I prefer ones with more meat on their bones though. The last skinny man I dated I worried the whole time we were kissing that I would hurt him. That was awful for me to think of but it was the truth.
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    I still say it's projecting the behavior of the few onto the many within a stereotype. I can't speak for all women, obviously, because I am only one, but I have dated all types, skinny and big. The only thing I pay much attention to are pheromones, not being able to get passed that base animal part of myself, and I happen to like dark hair and eyes. But I've dated blondes, too. Doesn't matter. I, for one, am interested in what's inside. So, again, I say I think this is a stereotype, and not all bbw think like that. I'm sorry there are examples leading men to believe otherwise.
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    Meow, Theo.
    See, i see it the other way around. I posted something similar elsewhere here but i can never keep track. I have no problem dating a guy whos a bit over weight, but i dont want to be dating someone i feel concerned for- someone whose health scares me.
    I prefer more athletic men, but not because i hate me, or hate bigger guys - its just what im attracted to. Bigger guys who date skinny women? what about them? are they hypocritical because they arent dating someone is the same if not more in weight? no, not really. why is that more acceptable? I'm not going out of my way to say i will ONLY date fit men, but if i had to go on appearances alone, the footballer or rugby player (who may be chunky but is also buff) is more likely to get my glances simply because that is what i am attracted to - not because im biased.
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    Honestly, I think this stereotype isn't confined to size issues. Overall, it seems the nice guys always tend to be with the angry, cruel women, and the nice girls end up with the abusive, demeaning men. I guess preference plays a part, per se, but I don't really see it as an issue of a nice woman being with an abusive man because he's skinnier. I think it's just an odd cycle in the genders. I don't understand it any better than you do, certainly. I jokingly refer to myself as a user/loser magnet, because that tends to be the type to approach me. Nice guys.. not so much. *shrugs* Such is life, neh?
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    Now my sweet Gordy... how could any woman not love you! You are truly one of a kind!
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    I prefer a bigger man.
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    I asked this question a while ago and I think you'll find there's plenty of gals on here who like us cuddly guys!
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    Well it goes on preferance doesnt it, i do like skinny men but then i dont mind a man with a little bit fat on him but no i dont want a man thats bigger than me.
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