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    I like bbw's, but i have noticed that bbw's have a bigger following than bhm's Are women of size attracted to bhm's ? cause it seems to me that bbw's that i know would rather be with a thinner guy that is a jerk . rather than with a bigger guy that is nice to them why is that?
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    hotsexymomma write:
    Well it goes on preferance doesnt it, i do like skinny men but then i dont mind a man with a little bit fat on him but no i dont want a man thats bigger than me.

    nice pic with captain american
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    Hey Shinobi,your right on that underwear thing my friend,lol,more room please.Yes BBW's have presure on them to look a certain way as do the men,we men look at each other and as a natural instinct and size each other up.I don't know what goes on in a womans mind since i'm not a woman,with men it's an age old thing ,a man thing if you want to call it.But with all the hard bodys around I've noticed a lot of BBW's get excited about them,now tell me if you think a BBW would pick a Mel Gibson over lets say a Ralphy Mao type.
    I love our BBW's always. Eddie B.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 26, 2005 09:49

    oh yeah!!! just a note to the underwere makers of america,some bhm would like a little more room to hold stuff in the basket, it's like they think we don't have anything.
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    Hello Theo,as for myself I have no problems nor have I ever had any complaint in the 40yrs i've been if you've lived when I was growing up,yuo'll have heard all the jokes and you to would have been put in that catagory.but then you better be honest with yourself as listen more,i'm not attacking you or putting down,i'm just being honest.yuo've got a good head on your shoulders,just remember to keep it real my friend,all you have to do is ask them if they have been judged or joked about,and you'll see reality as it is.I'm not putting anyone down just speaking ya all , Eddie B.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 25, 2005 11:32

    Hey Shinobi,thanks for this great subject,it's good. Eddie B.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 25, 2005 11:30

    Hello theo,I to ask those very same questions over the years and it does very,but for the most part I have asked a great deal of BBW's out for dates and have been turned down the very minute they see me,why?you can the look on their faces when they see you,and for get about it if they have friends with them especialy skinny ones,you can hte hear the jokes about the 2 of you getting together,I believe a great deal of turn downs come from the fear of redacule.

    Also it's like looking at themselves and we already have issues about our looks and how we're ecepted in socity.
    I have to admit to that we BHM's have a stygma attached to us ,the myth about us haveing small units,the BBW's don't have that problems,which would be a great chat between us BHM'skeep a stiff upper lip Theo, Eddie B.
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    If a guy is a jerk, i dont care if they looked like colin ferral, i wont stick with him. I'd much rather a John Candy type, size and personality, the whole shibang. But what im saying is that looks alone, Ferral is going to win over Candy. This is why i dont use the internet so often, because at such a distance and on such impersonal interactions, im going to judge on other things. That said, ive had several winks from thinner men that i havent replied to - one because im not a paid member and cant- because of either age, location, or general 'not for me' vibes.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 25, 2005 05:31

    I would prefer a BHM over a thin man however I am not ready to exclude any size of person at this point.
    I never liked being judged by my size, why would I do that to anyone else ?
    I only know one thing about my special guy and that is the fact that he is strongly drawn towards BBW. Not that he is willing to settle for a BBW because he has some personality flaw which keeps him from being with a thinner woman. I am looking for the man who has a genuine attraction to BBW. I don't know what he looks like just yet.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 24, 2005 13:42

    Im new here and read these posts with interest. I think it is just a case of opposites attracting. Some BBW's go for slim men but it is also the case that slim men go for BBW (and not their slimmer counterpart) its got little to do with the fact that big women don't like big men but that they are attracted to something they haven't got - the same as quiet girls/guys are attracted to loud bubbly people a lot of the time. This is my take on the subject anyway. PS if the person was right and his personality was something that attracted me then I wouldn't hesitate to go out on a date no matter what size.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 23, 2005 17:42

    Amen to opheliasend. are only 20 years old. You must have had some terrible experiences in your short dating history to make you so bitter & cynical.
    If you think it's easy for big girls to find Mr Right, then you are WRONG!
    Maybe on this website we have a chance, but in the real world, it's like finding a needle in a haystack!
    Kind, romantic, loving, positive, confident, sexy, intelligent, any of these essential qualities have anything to do with body size? NO!
    From your post, it would seem that maybe it's your defeatist & negative attitude that's the key, and nothing to do with your physical appearance.
    There are people of both genders who only look at the superficial, but I think you'll find that they are in the minority.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 23, 2005 10:39

    Ahh Theo to bad you arent' here we would have so much fun.I think I could match your whole package.LOL

    On the other had. I find that people who share my most annoying habits/personality traits I tend to dislike. I suppose because they are the qualities I dislike about my self, although size isn't one of them.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 23, 2005 10:10

    WOW!!! I do find this very interesting, i found what theo said to be for the most part true,most of the women that i have made an effort to date ,that are bbw's just look down on me, i have had some tell me .(your to big for me).it makes me wonder if anyone has said that to them. i have seen these same women get used by men often , maybe it's just the person?
  • View author's info posted on Aug 23, 2005 07:56

    Meow, Theo.
    See, i see it the other way around. I posted something similar elsewhere here but i can never keep track. I have no problem dating a guy whos a bit over weight, but i dont want to be dating someone i feel concerned for- someone whose health scares me.
    I prefer more athletic men, but not because i hate me, or hate bigger guys - its just what im attracted to. Bigger guys who date skinny women? what about them? are they hypocritical because they arent dating someone is the same if not more in weight? no, not really. why is that more acceptable? I'm not going out of my way to say i will ONLY date fit men, but if i had to go on appearances alone, the footballer or rugby player (who may be chunky but is also buff) is more likely to get my glances simply because that is what i am attracted to - not because im biased.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 22, 2005 06:41

    I prefer a bigger man.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 21, 2005 12:03

    I asked this question a while ago and I think you'll find there's plenty of gals on here who like us cuddly guys!
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