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    Hi everyone. I've never done this before but thought I'd give it a try. I'm from a small town in Oklahoma. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to meet decent guys once your out of school and live in a tiny little town? I've only had one serious relationship in my life and feel like time is quickly ticking away. Everyone says I'm young...if only I felt it. This online dating scene doesn't seem to be the key either. I'm up for any suggestions...
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    I work with children in TFC or theraputic level foster care. I am not a member of any organizations because again I'm in a rural area and there is nothing near by to attend. I did attend NASW and NACSW meetings when I was in school. ( I just graduated last May). Relocating is an option...just not for another year. I am working on obtaining my license. I have had a year of supervision and I only have one more to go...woo hoo!!
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    There probably is. This town has only 2600 people and so opportunity is few and far between. There is no hospital or community organizations. I could look more into the churches. People here just seem so closed.
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