im starting to wonder if this this really works Lonely Hearts Post Ur Thoughts Here... Forward to friends

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    i am 5'7" and i am about 260lbs. i have long brown hair with blonde highlights in it i have big brown eyes and i wear glasses. i am very tan (naturally) umm i have 3 tattoos and my eyebrow and my tongue is pierced and also my lip. if my friends were to describe me they would probably say that i am shy at first until i get to know you and then i am very out going and fun to be around. i like to make people laugh..well i try to atleast. i like to watch sports expecailly baseball GO CUBBIES!!! but i also like to watch football. i like to go out and have a good time anywhere i go even if it is to the mall or the movies or even to the gas but anyway if you like what you see just drop me a line.oh yeah im not a member yet but i use this same name at yahell
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    This site can work, but like alot of things in life you get out of it what you put into it. Some things to boost your chances of meeting someone are:

    Put a picture up ... since most people won't even view a profile without a picture.

    Take the initiative and wink at guys whom interest you or better yet email them first (if you are a paying member).

    Don't get discouraged if you don't get a lot of interest at first since new people are always joining.

    Become a paying member for at least 1 month. I say this since these sites are notorious for people not wanting to pay for full membership, thus if you're not a paying member and all the guys whom are interested in you aren't paying members then things will never get off the ground. Somebody has to come out of their pockets with some cash ... hahahahaha.

    Just my 2 cents ... hope this helps
    Rodney aka bbanditx79
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    Just joind this site. I can only suggest that you reach out and wink at those you may be interested in. If someone isn't interested, move on. The message boards are great, so keep reading them and posting. People are very supportive. Even if you don't meet your match, you may meet some really wonderful people who may become friends.

    Jan 65
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